October 30: Portland Halloween @ Whiskey Bar: Phunk Zappa — Philly's Phunkestra Plays Frank Zappa


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Portland Halloween @ Whiskey Bar: Phunk Zappa — Philly's Phunkestra Plays Frank ZappaIn the Phunkestra's first year of existence they have found themselves rubbing elbows with Questlove (The Roots), The Wailers, Rebirth Brass Band, Dumpstaphunk, Mr. Lif, and set to record a live album at the 2011 PDX Jazzfest

"If you enjoy a high energy dance party, you have to check this band out!"- Melophobe.  10-piece funk/soul group Philly's Phunkestra knows how to do just that and will be showcasing a Halloween Party Saturday October 30th at the Whiskey Bar (31 NW 1st) in NW Portland.

"We really just wanted to do something different or something not many people thought of trying," keyboardist and bandleader Chris Phillips reflects on how the decision was made to make Frank Zappa's music the theme for the Halloween event.  Frank Zappa was notoriously known for having difficult musical arrangements, a comedic stage presence, and some looked at Zappa as a genius.  "We really wanted to make this an event that would let someone that would not normally see a funk show go see one and still get their Zappa fix."

Saturday October 30th will mark the evening that Philly's Phunkestra puts on their Halloween Frank Zappa band costume and invades Portland.  With so many Halloween events in the city it's hard to choose which to attend but the Phunk Zappa show is affordable ($7adv $10dos) and will not disappoint the music lover in you.  Phunk Zappa is set to have all types of Halloween crowd participation as well. The Whiskey Bar will receive a "makeover" which includes a haunted walkway entrance, $100 costume contest for best Zappa costume, free giveaway mustaches and Halloween apparel (first come first serve), graphic installations and a photo booth!  If you are not a Frank Zappa fan yet you will be after this show.

This melting pot of both Portland locals and transplants (Chicago, New Orleans) have found themselves marking this event a one year anniversary and showing no signs of losing that swagger they started with. Ã‚  The hard-hitting punch of the five-piece horn section weaved together by Phillips' monster keyboard stack solos and talkbox work will cause your legs to move uncontrollably.  "This first year has been so good to us and the people here in Portland have really embraced us and we really appreciate them."  Phillips understands and acknowledges that the success of the group is not from him or the music he writes but from the people in this great music community that supports the Phunkestra and local live music.

224.PhillysPhunkesra.CrystalBallroom.byMoonROK.01.9.2010Since the fall of 2009 Philly's Phunkestra has had the opportunity to share the stage and perform with some of their biggest influences like Questlove (The Roots), The Wailers, Rebirth Brass Band, Dumpstaphunk, B*Side Players and Mr. Lif.  "We have been extremely fortunate and even got a little anxious just to jump on the same stage with guys like that, which have a kind of history and reputation," Phillips recalls co-billing with Rebirth Brass Band and Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk.

After putting out a limited run self released EP "Philly's Phunkestra" they are taking a step towards the future and getting excited about things to come. The Phunkestra is currently working on their first full length album set to release early 11' and also a live album set to be recorded as a part of the 2011 PDX Jazzfest (Feb 22nd).

Phunk Zappa tickets can be purchased in advance at both Jackpot Records locations: 203 Southwest 9th Avenue and 3574 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard and at the Whiskey Bar or through the band by contacting them at www.PhillysPhunkestra.com

Vote for Philly's Phunkestra in this years 2011 Portland Music Awards for "Best New Artist" at PortlandMusicAwards.com

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145760082126228&index=1

—By Don Giddins