October 26: The Impostors/Temporal Love @ Music Millennium | Free, All Ages, Punk, Blues, Funk

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From press release

The Impostors/Temporal Love
October 26, 2011 | 6 p.m. | FREE | All Ages
@ Music Millennium, 3158 E Burnside St.

The Imposters are a Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach-based punk-rock band. Three gentlemen: two Costa grads, 1 RUHS grad, class of 2010 and '11. They are Evan Hein (bass), Miles Gretsky (drums), and Nickolai Preiss (guitar, vocals, organ, piano, djembe, xylophone, banjo, bass, drums, kazoo, tambourine).

While The Imposters are generally best cornered into the genre of punk rock, and granted they are punk rock, with an edgy rawness and considerable attitude, their music goes well beyond the common expectations from said category. Their new LP, Animal Magnetism, boasts an impressive range of musical influences, which remain undeniably contained within the punk realm. One perhaps wouldn't expect on a punk rock album to distinguish elements of surf, ska, blues, jazz, funk, psychedelia, and '50s rock n' roll. Or to hear saxophone, flute, organ, piano, xylophone¬Â¦ However, this dynamic South Bay band blends it together seamlessly, while retaining the clear assertion that it's punk. It's as if punk is the obvious and irrefutable orange peel, but when pulled back the citrusy mist and juices offer many colors, tastes, and sounds of a different nature.

Temporal Love continues to demonstrate that they're one of the thickest, nastiest, most energetic storms to explode onto the rock and roll spectrum. While anchored in paying homage to the blues, acknowledging jazz, and toying with funk, they blast forth a power-trio force scarcely reckoned with in the world of music today. Intense jams, fat chops, juicy bottoms, extended wanderings, improvisational bliss¬Â¦ and class. Wicked class, raw integrity, and pure joy.