October 29: Ron Jeremy’s Club Sesso Halloween Party | Four Floors of Horrors, Costumes

From our sponsors at Club Sesso:
Portland Halloween Club SessoRon Jeremy’s Club Sesso Halloween Party
Saturday, October 29
9 p.m. | 21+
Tickets start at $30
Purchase Tickets at www.clubsesso.com

Four Floors of Horror’s – The Biggest Naughtiest Halloween Party in Portland…and the ONLY Halloween Party Where You Can Be As Naughty as You Want to Be! Halloween Tickets on sale now, we sold out last year, don’t miss out this year!

This year we are venturing into even more space than last year. Club Sesso is going to rock all four-floors of our building: that’s 20,000 square feet of the naughtiest Halloween party in town. Other parties claim to be ‘sexy’ or ‘erotic’. Only Club Sesso can say we are the largest, naughtiest Halloween party in Portland! We had 600 people last year – yea, that’s 600 naughty sexy people who partied their asses off.