October 6: 1st Thursday Phunktion w/ Philly’s Phunkestra, Polyrhythmics @ The Goodfoot | Live Art, Dancers, Breakers

From our sponsors at The Goodfoot:
1st Thursday Phunktion @ The Goodfoot1st Thursday Phunktion w/ Philly’s Phunkestra & Polyrhythmics
Thursday, October 6
9 p.m. | $5 | 21+

The Goodfoot
2845 SE Stark Street

1st Thursday PHUNKTIONs are back and in full force! EVERY 1st Thursday make your plans to party with Portland’s freshest and hottest musicians, live artists, dancers, breakers and much, much more!

We are proud to have our good friends and fellow Phunkateers The Polyrhythmics from Seattle hanging with us. The new and improved Phunktion will feature the guest group at the beginning of the night and then the Phunkestra will play a set afterward. After both sets there will be a monster super jam where anything goes and you never know who will show up. Make the Phunktion your one stop for all the Phunk on 1st Thursdays and see the magic happen!