October 19: Holocene & Abstract Earth Project Present Gaslamp Killer, Daedelus, 12th Planet, Teebs


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Holocene and Abstract Earth Project present…
Gaslamp Killer
12th Planet

TIME: 8:30pm
COST: $12.00 advance | $15.00 day of show
TICKETS: Brown Paper Tickets + Jackpot Records

A formidable line-up of wildly inventive, crazy-hyped beatmakers.


The Gaslamp Killer slashes to save. First spotted stalking the streets of San Diego this serial sound slayer has spread wide. From homemade crushed beat mixtapes to glossy magazine pages the Gaslamp Killer has never altered course. He brings the dirtiest and deepest dynamite into being with dedication and discipline. The Gaslamp Killer is a raw revolutionary who sets every moment on shatter. Gaslamp's progressive heat seeking sounds are being sought by beat freaks from every corner. His explosive energy keeps electrified ears eager for more and more. Riding on momentum built after he moved to Los Angeles, The Gaslamp Killer was surprised at what he first encountered. 'The scene was off the fuckin' meter. Everyone judges LA as this pretentious, snobby, stuck-up scene where everyone stands with their arms crossed and stares at the DJ, and it's not…We're not,' he exclaims, padding off to the other room to grab the laptop that holds his new project, a full-length album with partner Sumach The Gonjasufi.

With a string of releases on Plug Research, Hefty, Tigerbeat 6, Eastern Development, and Alpha Pup, and most recently Ninja Tune, Daedelus has refined a style that has no imitators. Contrasting IDM styled cut-ups with childlike arrangements from the 30s and 40s, he has created a sound that is entirely new. His productions find the hidden common denominator between modern electronics and sampled music from days gone by. Recording out of Santa Monica, Daedelus also incorporates hip-hop into his mix, with guest spots from Busdriver, MF Doom, TTC, TI$A, Mike Ladd, Absract Rude, Madlib, and High Priest (Anti-Pop Consortium). His live show, which utilizes a sample trigger device called the Monome and a custom-built software package, has amazed audiences across the US, Europe, Australia and Japan and secured his reputation as one of the most exciting producers in electronic music.