October 15-24: VOX: A Spoken-Word Chorus Presents Achilles' Alibi @ The Waterbrook Studio


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October 15-24: VOX: A Spoken-Word Chorus Presents Achilles' Alibi @ The Waterbrook StudioVOX: A Spoken-Word Chorus Presents
Achilles' Alibi

The Waterbrook Studio
2109 N. Albina #108
Portland, OR 97227  (Directions below.)
Fridays-Sundays October 15-24
Doors at 7:00, Show at 7:30

Tickets: $10-15 hulahub.com or (503) 205-0715
Info: www.voxpdx.com

Unique, dynamic and surprising, VOX draws on traditional choral speaking traditions from 1960's America, 1920's France, Britain's Victorian era as well and ancient Greece. Portland's finest actors mix those techniques with a modern sensibility in readings that experiment with form and expression.  In their seventh concert the spoken-word chorus engages the poetry: some phrases spoken in unison, others solo, and some are divided among the members of the chorus in rolling waves, or staccato fragments, or languid, elegant lines. As with a musical score, the poem makes the demands and the readers respond.

Some of these selections were featured by VOX the recent "Its All Greek To Me" festival with the Classic Greek Theatre of Oregon as well as at the annual William Stafford Picnic.  They range from the patriotic to the pacifist, the intimate to the sublime and are infused with a love of place and nature.  It is a beautiful and unique way to spend a fall evening.

Poetry has been arranged for the chorus by actor and director Eric Hull, and selected with the guidance of writer and PSU professor Michele Glazer. Hull has, for instance, taken Allen Ginsberg's "Footnote to Howl" and given it the kind of ecstatic beat-energy that it requires. And he has transformed Omar Khayyam's simple four-line poem "A Book Of Verse" into a spoken Bach fugue. You can find a audio samples at www.voxpdx.com

"They are masters of rhythm, as crisp and casual at passing the ball as a good basketball team on a fast break, and beautifully cast for pitch, color and range."  Bob Hicks, Art Scatter
Poets: William Stafford, William Butler Yeats, Oregon's Poet Laureate Paulann Petersen, Robert Burns, Ethan Cohen, Billy Collins, Robert Frost, Michele Glazer, Ursula Le Guin, Ogden Nash, Muriel Stewart, Oscar Brown, Jr., Odysseus Elytis, and William Shakespeare