October 13: Scott Dolich/Park Kitchen Chef's Choice Portland Food Adventure Dinner

From our partners at Portland Food Adventures:


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Scott Dolich/Park Kitchen Chef's Choice Portland Food Adventure Dinner
October 13, 2010, 7pm

Go on an adventure with chef Scott Dolich!

  • An extensive multi-course interactive dinner at Park Kitchen
  • Get Scott's recommendations for some of his favorite places to go–with $50 in coupons to try them! (Cheese Bar, Patanegra, Xocolat de David, Pine State Biscuits)
  • Join Scott at Cheese Bar if you'd like

Park Kitchen is located at 422 NW 8th Avenue in Portland.
Tickets for this special event can be purchased online at www.portlandfoodadventures.com .

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On the heels of raving reviews from the first ever dinner of its kind, Portland Food Adventures and chef Scott Dolich are preparing a bountiful feast and adventure at Park Kitchen in the North Park Blocks to take place Wednesday, October 13, 2010.

This is a unique opportunity for diners to enjoy a multi-course specially prepared menu by the renowned chef Dolich, but also to ask him questions, hear his inspirations behind the dishes and talk with him throughout the night. Ã‚  As is always the case with a Portland Food Adventures dinner, the featured chef will go beyond the walls of his restaurant to recommend where HE loves to go to eat, drink and shop in Portland.  Gratuity AND $50 worth of coupons to Dolich's favorite spots will be included in the price of the dinner ($99 for dinner only, with wine pairings an additional $24.).

Chef Dolich will also invite his guests to join him at a later date to some of those places to meet the proprietors of the business and get an inside look behind the scenes.  Diners will get coupons to Scott Dolich's recommended places for this adventure, which include Patanegra for Spanish wines, Cheese Bar for cheese, Pine State Biscuits for their famous Reggie Deluxe, and Xocolat de David's special chocolates.

Portland Food Adventures launched its program in late September at Nostrana, where food writer Jill Oppenheim's review was high praise:  ” This was a great experience… someone is setting up a really nice multicourse dinner with wine pairings and you get access to the chef, and you walk away with a fistful of coupons to try all kinds of things that the chef loves in Portland. Ã‚  If last night was any indication, and it should be as it was the first event, it's a very good value for what you get and a lot of fun.”

At Park Kitchen, a shared commitment to the bounty of the Northwest is the prevailing theme. Chef Dolich, Chef de Cuisine David Padberg and Sous Chef William Preisch craft menus that build on the finest meat, seafood and produce available from local purveyors. Each day the best seasonal ingredients are chosen, and dishes that highlight those foods are developed and perfected.

“What is paramount in my mind is the integrity of the ingredients. Sometimes I'll take a familiar dish and figure out what the elemental parts of that dish are; and recreate that new dish in a way that respects the character of the ingredients, yet has my own ideas infused throughout. I don't hide what I cook, I try to highlight each component and make sure it's so good that when it goes out on the plate, people notice,” exclaims Dolich.