October 10-15: National Coming Out Week @ Portland State University Campus


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National Coming Out Week
QRC Open House
Monday 10/11 : 3pm-6pm
Come by the Queer Resource Center in SMSU 401 for a tour and meet-and-greet! Get familiar with the space, the resources we offer, and the friendly people at your disposal with snacks!

Glitterbomb Art Making Party
Tuesday 10/12 : 11am-12pm
Join us in the Queer Resource Center in SMSU 401 for Queer art projects, including Queer wand making.

De-Escalation Training
Tuesday 10/12 : 5:30pm-8pm
Come to the Queer Resource Center in SMSU 401 to learn de-escalation techniques. These techniques are useful in all situations of conflict and are especially important for LGBTQ people and allies.

Bubble Flash Mob
Wednesday 10/13 : 12pm
Meet in the QRC in SMSU 401 at noon to prepare for a fabulous bubble flash mob! We'll head out to the park blocks at 12:15pm sharp.

Careers and Queers
Thursday 10/14 : 2pm-3pm
Come to the Career Center in University Services Building (617 SW Montgomery) room 402. This workshop is for lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender students who want to examine how being queer affects their career decisions and their job search.

Q Patrol Training
Thursday 10/14 : 4pm-5:30pm
Join us to become part of the Q Center's Q Patrol! The Q Patrol works with the Portland Police on Friday and Saturday nights to keep an eye out for hate crimes and violence. Email Smitty to reserve your spot at [email protected]

Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop
Thursday 10/14 : 6pm-8pm
Presented by Jack StockLynn of the Social Justice League
A social justice interactive theater forum. Theatre of the Oppressed is an interactive forum that is being used to practice role-playing in volatile situations where violence is being focused on queer and trans Identified individuals. More information about Theatre of the Oppressed can be found here: http://www.theatreoftheoppressed.org

Guess the Straight
Thursday 10/14 : 6pm to 7:30
Join our fantastic panel of QRC Speakers in Broadway lobby to play an exciting game of Guess the Straight! Quiz the panel members on their taste in movies, music, extracurricular activities, you name it… you'll learn a lot about the speakers and also about yourself!

I'm Coming Out… So We Better Get This Party Started!
Friday 10/15 : 7pm-12pm
Join us in [location] for an evening of celebration! Featuring spoken word performances, coming out stories, a live band, and [food?], this party is the perfect way to wrap up Coming Out Week!

Writing Workshop with Tristan
Friday 10/15, Saturday 10/16, Sunday 10/17 : 11:30am-12:30pm