June 16: Brick Or Block Lego Tournament For Kids @ Cruzroom | Legos Supplied, 10 Teams

From our sponsors:
Lego MarioBrick Or Block Lego Tournament … For Kids!!!
June 16, 2013
3 p.m. | Free | All Ages
More info: shanrockstrivia.com

2338 NE Alberta, Portland
503-208-3483 | More info: shanrockstrivia.com

Come early; there are only slots for 10 teams!
Our monthly “adult” Lego tournament has been so much fun that we’ve decided to clean it up for a kid version! This monthly competition challenges your originality, your building skill, and your ability to create according to a theme chosen by your host. Prizes will be awarded to the builders of the two highest scoring masterpieces. We supply the Legos; you supply the talent!