Gaylabration 2015 – Portland’s Official Pride Saturday Night Dance Party @ Crystal Ballroom | Featuring DJ Bret Law, Revol Artists & more!

From our sponsors:
June 13, 2015
10 p.m. | $15 ADV, $20 Dorrs / VIP: $50 ADV, $60 Doors
More info:

Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside St, Portland, OR
(503) 225-0047

The first Gaylabration was launched in 2011, following the passage of marriage equality legislation in New York, as a way to celebrate love and community. While the United States continued to deny same-sex couples in Oregon and throughout the nation the right to wed, our community chose to unite in support of marriage equality. Now, with LGBT rights an ever-growing issue we unite once again in celebration and support. Gaylabration has also evolved to become the featured Saturday night dance party of Pride weekend and therefore expanded its mission to include enhancing the dance music scene in Portland by bringing in premier DJs and production.

DJ Bret Law
In just one year, DJ Bret Law has taken a 15 year hobby and turned it into a full-fledged international DJ career. Based and brought up through the ranks in Seattle, WA, Bret Law smashes dance floors with his fusion of house, dance, circuit and EDM. His bootlegs and mashups have been streamed and downloaded in over 500 countries and featured in #1 ranked podcasts on numerous occasions.

Coming off of a strong year in 2014 building residences in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, DJ Bret Law is expanding into international territories, including ARQ in Sydney, Australia for the UnderWhere party and the massive DayWash! Other large scale events include Gay Days Orlando, Gay Days Las Vegas, Whistler Pride & Ski Festival, and Pride festivals and events in Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and beyond.

DJ Bret Law has shared the roster with an impressive mix of local, national, and international artists including DJ DrewG, DJ Grind, Deborah Cox, Betty Who, Hector Fonseca, and Alexis Jordan! You can keep up to date on DJ Bret Law’s music and more at Be on the look out for Bret Law playing events in Hawaii, Mexico, Orlando, Portland and more throughout 2015. His original and uplifting sets are not to be missed!

IZOHNNY is the dynamic performance duo of Isaiah Esquire & Johnny Nuriel. This statuesque pair of 6’5’’ ebony & ivory specimens embody a gender fluidity that audiences swoon over. Consistently delivering a jaw-dropping performance experience, IZOHNNY exhibits an impressive and unique array of disciplines: Isaiah Esquire is a seasoned dancer/choreographer/creative director and internationally acclaimed entertainer. Known for his mastery of face, character, and intricate lip-sync, Isaiah is definitely one of our shining stars in PDX. Johnny Nuriel illuminates the stage with a light all his own. His expansive arsenal of talents encompasses the circus arts (aerial/ object manipulation/fire performance), burlesque, belly dance, and live-vocals. He is known for his ability to fuse these disciplines seamlessly. With their powers combined, Isaiah Esquire & Johnny Nuriel are IZOHNNY.

REVOL Artists
REVOL ARTISTS was created from the group Just Hoopers. Originally a collaboration with our friends, the band Just People, Just Hoopers began to take on a life of its own. Our vision is to inspire communities to unite through innovative collaborations and movement. REVOL ARTISTS has a focus in unforgettable ambiance and choreographed hula hoop entertainment.

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