Play Geeks Who Drink’s Pub Quiz / Trivia Nights All Across Portland | Great Hosts + Fun Questions + Cold Beer

From our sponsors @ Geeks Who Drink:

Geeks Who Drink Pub QuizesAnyone can grab a deck of Trivial Pursuit cards and run a “trivia night.” Geeks Who Drink’s smartass quizmasters run fast-paced, interactive and beer-soaked pub quiz events all over Portland.

They never feature stale or generic categories like movie, music, history and science rounds. Their two full-time editors (including a six-time Jeopardy champion) and staff of dozens of contributors spend more than twelve man hours on each night’s 8 rounds of 64 questions (including two audio rounds and one visual and/or video round).

A typical Tuesday night might feature rounds like “John Goodman Yelling,” “Spay and Neuter This! (each answer being the name of a Price Is Right pricing game),” or “Song of the Sellout (clips from commercial song parodies).”

New to Portland? Want to make some new friends? If you want to play but don’t have a team, come anyway and touch base with the Quizmaster. We can usually get single players recruited onto an existing team.

Winning teams get street cred, bar cash and other prizes depending on the venue and depending on whether it’s a free or pay-to-play quiz. Bonus questions for free pints are also sprinkled throughout the quiz.

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