Free 2014 Intercultural Thanksgiving Potluck in SE Portland | Free, Side Dishes, Turkey, Saints Peter and Paul Episcopalian Church

From website:
 Intercultural Thanksgiving PotluckIntercultural Thanksgiving Potluck
November 28, 2014
2 p.m. | Free | All Ages
More info + registration:

Saints Peter and Paul Episcopalian Church
8147 SE Pine St. (parking lot @ SE Ash & 82nd Ave)
Portland, OR 97215

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday. The story celebrates endurance and mutual support; abundance after hard work. It’s about strangers banding together for mutual aid – but more than that – it’s about the inhabitants of this land welcoming newcomers looking for a better life. Even saving their lives. It is a story of hope and rebirth.

All are invited to join our community of Non-native English Language Learners from classes across Portland as we all gather to reclaim the original Thanksgiving story, of sharing, welcoming, and the human family. We’ll bring the turkeys and the drinks, you bring the side dishes.

Whether it’s something you’ve made fresh just for our event, or a half a leftover pie from your families Thanksgiving dinner please bring the foods that mean tradition and togetherness from your culture.

By participating in this community Thanksgiving event you will have an opportunity to connect with a wider community, and share culture, and our students will have a unique opportunity to practice their English language skills.

We would like to offer you a choice in how you can participate in this event. Please choose one of three options when you register: bring a potluck dish, volunteer to help at the event, or offer a financial donation.


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