February 18-20: 48 Hour Film Project's Go Green International Eco Film Competition | Cash Prizes

Calling all aspiring filmmakers! This week the 48 Hour Film Project and Film Action Oregon will kick off a competition where local filmmakers will write, shoot and edit an eco-themed film in only 48 hours. The best films will receive cash prizes of up to $5,000!


From press release:

Portland 48 Go Green: An International Eco Film Competition
Friday, February 18 to Sunday, February 20

Event Kickoff: Friday, February 18 @ EcoTrust Natural Capital Center -721 NW 9th Ave. | 7 PM

Screenings: Thursday, February 24 @ Hollywood Theater – 4122 NE Sandy Blvd. | 7 PM and 9 PM

For participation instructions: www.48hourfilm.com/competitions/gogreen

In the Portland 48 Go Green, local filmmakers will write, shoot and edit an eco-themed film, completing the entire filmmaking process in a mere 48 hours. With the power to inspire and to change the world, 48 Go Green was born out of the creativity of the world's filmmakers, the passion of its story-tellers and the immediate need to save our environment. Teams will start at exactly 7pm on Friday, Feb. 18, by receiving an eco theme and a character, prop and line that must be in their film. 48 hours later, they will arrive at the drop off with a completed film!

This contest is sponsored by the 48 Hour Film Project. Since its 2001 launch in Washington, D.C., the 48 Hour Film Project has become a global cultural phenomenon, with more than 130,000 participants producing nearly 9,000 short films. Last year, a record 45,000 filmmakers made over 3000 films in 80 cities around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Paris, Rome, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Portland has hosted the 48 Hour Film Project for 6 years.

Portland is one of only eight cities selected to take part in the live competition with premiere screenings. The Portland event is being produced by Film Action Oregon, owner and operator of the historic Hollywood Theatre, and is locally sponsored by Ecotrust and ReDirect Guide. In addition to the local event, filmmakers from around the world will be participating in the competition on-line; uploading films, with on-line streaming and voting.

"The filmmaking process — a dedicated weekend with a tight deadline — makes it possible for people to get together, create something original, finish it, and have the enormous satisfaction of having a complete film to show for the weekend." said Doug Whyte, Executive Director of Film Action Oregon and the Hollywood Theatre.

There are thousands of dollars of prizes for the winners, as well as prestigious screening opportunities. The winning filmmakers will have their films screened at the influential Cannes International Film Festival at the Short Film Corner and at the Las Vegas NAB show from April 9th — 14th 2011.First place offers a cash prize of $5,000 with $2,000 going to the runner up and $1,000 for third place filmmakers. The top 16 films will be screened at the Las Vegas NAB show, the world's largest electronics media show.

Film teams are responsible for putting together a cast and crew, and getting equipment and anything else necessary to make a film/video. Any team, regardless of skill level, is eligible to participate in this competition. Environmental groups are encouraged to participate. A partner in producing the 48 Go Green is Sebastian Copeland, environmental speaker, author and Director of the upcoming film Into the Cold.