October 28: Everyone Orchestra All Star Improvisational Interactive Music Show @ Alberta Rose Theater | Members of Los Lobos, March Fourth, Motet & Many More


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From our partners at Everyone Orchestra:
Everyone Orchestra All Star Improvisational Interactive Music Show @ Alberta Rose Theater | Members of Los Lobos, March Fourth, Motet & Many More**EVERYONE ORCHESTRA BRINGS ALL STAR IMPROVISATION TO ALBERTA ROSE THEATER**

The Everyone Orchestra
Interactive, improvisational, live music with a madcap conductor!
Thursday, October 28th, show at 9:30pm
The Alberta Rose Theater
3000 Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211
Tickets: $10, buy online at www.albertarosetheatre.com CALL 503-719-655
Website: www.everyoneorchestra.com

The Everyone Orchestra, a nationally touring improv-based all star band brings it's unique audience participatory show to Portland at the Alberta Rose Theater for a Halloween show at Last Thursday Art walk. Conductor Matt Butler will facilitate the musical improvisation of a revolving cast of stellar musicians from bands like Los Lobos, The Motet, The March Fourth Marching Band, Hot Buttered Rum, Vagabond Opera, Taarka, Leftover Salmon and YOU. The show will provide a exciting forum for fans to actively participate in the hub of Portland's fertile music scene. Don't let the chance to participate pass you by.

“For music aficionados who know the journey is the adventure and the destination is a fleeting flash of never-to-be-heard-again euphony, Butler and his ever-shifting troupe are a true treasure.” – Reverb.com


About Everyone Orchestra
How do you fit into the Everyone Orchestra? The fully improvised performance is the brainchild of founder Matt Butler, who incorporates the skill set of the assembled all-star line up with the voices and sounds of the audience for an energetic and participatory musical experience. Literally an orchestra where everyone in the room takes part, the Everyone Orchestra brings together its own brand of musical improvisation that must be experienced to be believed!

The concept was developed in 1998 by Butler, who tours nationally and looks to the local community he is performing in to play the supporting role. Together, with an arsenal of local and national talent, who are often performing together for the first time, the orchestra will embark on an improvised adventure directed by cue cards and animated motions.

The list of Everyone Orchestra participants is an increasingly wide and intercontinental group including members of The Grateful Dead, Phish, moe., String Cheese Incident, The Flecktones, Club d'Elf, ALO, Tea Leaf Green and Adrian Belew, Taj Mahal, Maria Muldaur, Tuvan throat singers, live painters, dancers, chanters, choirs, hula hoopers, firespinners, jugglers, stiltwalkers, storytellers, a presidential candidate and hundreds of others among a growing legion of other performers.

Butler's version of breaking down the barriers between musician and audience derives in part from desert art festival Burning Man's ‘no spectators, only participants' ethic and is undoubtedly influenced by his old friend and mentor Ken Kesey, the king of the Merry Pranksters. The Everyone Orchestra is dedicated to working for good and has performed numerous concerts for non-profit organizations, coordinated donation drives for the needy, and has brought their brand of participatory performance to student groups, schools, hospitals, an orphanage and more.

October 28th Show all star cast teaser:
Jans Ingber (The Motet)
Steve Berlin (Los Lobos)
Asher Fulero (Surrounded by Ninjas)
Robin Jackson (Vagabond Opera, March Fourth Marching Band)
Jarrod Kaplan (Taarka, Trillian Green)
Tye North (Leftover Salmon)
Sarah King
Scott Pemberton
Mimi Naja
Conductor Matt Butler and more
Plus live art by Lang Schwartzwald and Joel Barber