2016 The Dirty Dozen @ Helium Comedy Club | Test Your Comedic Limits, Raunchy & Naughty Comedy Show

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 The Dirty Dozen (Test Your Comedic Limits) Helium comedy ClubThe Dirty Dozen (Test Your Comedic Limits)
January 6, February 3, March 9, 2016
8 p.m. | $12-$20 | 21+
More info: heliumcomedy.com

Helium Comedy Club
1510 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
(888) 643-8669

Test your comedic limits! Get ready for the raunchiest, naughtiest, dirtiest, oh-no-he-didn’t comedy show on the entire west coast. 12 comics for $12 performing material that comes straight from the swarthy gutter of comedic ingenuity.

Bring your honey, lover, boo or best friend and find out just how far their comedic envelope can be pushed.