2016 Heartbeat Silent Disco “Mystery Ship” Masquerade Party w/ Portland Spirit | 6 DJs, 3 Channels, 3 Floors, Cocktails, & Food

From our sponsors:
Heartbeat silent disco mystery ship masqueradeHeartbeat Silent Disco “Mystery Ship” Masquerade Party
November 11, 2016
11 p.m. – 2 a.m. | $20-$25 | 21+
More info: eventbrite.com

Portland Spirit Cruises & Events
Salmon Street Fountain, 1000 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204

All Aboard for Heartbeat Silent Disco’s Masquerade Boat Party – The Mystery Ship 2016!!

We will be gathering on Friday November 11th to mix, mingle and do the dance of mystery aboard The Portland Spirit. Enjoy 3 floors of food, drink and music while we float down the Willamette River. This is a Masquerade party so get or make your mask now if you do not have one already and feel free to bring back some of that Halloween Costume.

If you’ve never tried Silent Disco, let Heartbeat Silent Disco (HBSD) be your introduction and if you have, grab a set of headphones and jump in! Silent Disco is the phenomenon where DJs broadcast music on a special frequency within their radius, and listeners wearing compatible headphones can hear and dance to the music together, while to onlookers, it appears as if they are dancing to nothing at all! HBSD puts on dance parties all over Portland,

We will be boarding The Portland Spirit Friday 11/11 for a 2 hour trip up and down the Willamette River from 11pm-2am. We will have 6 Djs, 3 Channels, 3 Floors, Cocktails & Food on a 2 hour tour, a 2 hour tour.

There is a cash bar for Food and Beverages