September 30 – October 2: Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Schedule


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Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival September 30-October 8, 2011 The 2011 Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (PLGFF) begins Friday at Cinema 21! Tickets for all programs are all sale HERE. Below is a run down of all the films playing in the festival this weekend. For more details visit our website or “like” us on Facebook.

We Were Here – 7:30 pm, Friday

We Were HerePLGFF is extremely proud to be beginning our 15th Anniversary with a screening of David Weissman’s extraoridnary documentary, We Were Here! This special screening takes place with Weissman in attendance on Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. at Cinema 21 followed by our Gala Opening Night Party at 23Hoyt featuring hosted drinks, appetizers, a full cash bar and a short performance by Holcombe WallerWe recommend purchasing tickets in advance for this event.

Girls Shorts – 5:00pm, Saturday
Directors Ellie Krnich and Casey Parks in attendance
(more info about this program can be found HERE.

THERE’S NO HOLE IN MY HEAD – Dir: Alison Segar
CYCLICITY – Dir: Jason Knade
BEST TEXT – MeteorEyes
TRUTH TAKES TIME – Dir: Ellie Krnich
LUST LIFE – Dir: Lynda Tarryk
BUTTERY TOP – Dir: Catherine Crouch
CHAINED – Dir: Betsy Kalin

Hollywood to Dollywood – 7:00 pm, Saturday
We Were HereGary and Larry Lane in attendance

Twin brothers Gary and Larry Lane have written a script for Dolly Parton. They embark on a cross-country journey to personally deliver it to her. They set off from Dolly's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame driving an RV named Jolene. Featuring appearances by Leslie Jordan, Chad Allen, Beth Grant, Dustin Lance Black, Ann walker, and maybe even Dolly herself, Hollywood to Dollywood is a documentary of chasing dreams down the road of life.

Kink Crusaders – 9:30 pm, Saturday
We Were Here
A loving profile of the International Mr. Leather contest, an annual event that got its start in the back of a Chicago bar over thirty years ago…and which now draws thousands of men from around the world to compete for a title and a sash.  In tracing the history of the contest, Kink Crusaders also reveals the many ways that the Leather
community – once a small, insular niche – has expanded into the mainstream.

Romeos – 5:00 pm, Sunday
We Were Here
Lukas is a handsome, 20-year-old, young man who was born female and is experiencing male puberty triggered by a series of testosterone shots. Entering a summer of community service in Cologne, he is housed in the women's residential halls instead of the men's a slight he finds nearly unbearable. Lukas finds solace through online video posts with others going through the same struggles as he and in his best friend from youth, Ine, who introduces him to the queer scene in Cologne.

Here Lukas, hormones raging, is drawn to the hyper-masculine, physically attractive Fabio. Fabio embodies all that Lukas lacks: disproportionately positive self-confidence and a highly erotic masculine swagger. Lukas is simultaneously attracted to and coveteous of Fabio. The initial attraction between the two boys gradually develops until Fabio discovers the truth about Lukas.

Weekend – 7:00 pm, Sunday
We Were Here
One of the best reviewed films of the year, Weekendwas the winner of Audience Awards at both SXSW and Outfest 2011 and the opening night
selection of Brooklyn's acclaimed BAMcinemafest.Weekend is a startlingly authentic love story, featuring the talents of two incredible new actors and the unique work of a fresh new voice in filmmaking, Andrew Haigh. After meeting one lonely Friday night at a bar, Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) find themselves caught up in an lost weekend full of sex, drugs, and intimate conversation. Although they have conflicting ideas of what it is they want from life and certainly how to get it, they form a startling emotional connection that will resonate throughout their lives.