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New Show at the Rererato

July 28, PORT Has the Low-Down on Movies and Art Tonight

From PORT (great site): Rererato presents Zzzzz… (Between the Sheets), a group show exploring sleep and dream related art. The opening reception this Saturday features several local Portland bands, and promises not to be a sleepy affair. Opening Reception • 4-9pm • July 28 Rererato • 5135 NE 42nd Ave. • [email protected] Tonight! Don't miss […]

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PSU Noon Lectures this week on "Birds" (art, Sue Taylor) and Venerable Geshe Kalsang Damdul (Tibet) –free

From PORT: Sue Taylor on The Birds at PSU, July 17th Here is a chance to hear noted Art Historian Sue Taylor's very popular lectures on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Sue is a corresponding editor for Art in America and the cornerstone of Portland State University's art department. She often focuses on psychoanalytic elements of […]

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PDX Film Festival Begins tonight – through Sunday

Peripheral Produce | Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival: Tonight: Charged in the Name of Terror7PM at Hollywood Theater4122 NE Sandy Blvdalso Opening Night Party9PM @ AudioCinema226 SE Madison St, under the Hawthorne Bridge “Celebrate opening night with us at AudioCinema, where our satellite exhibition Retinal Reverb will be unveiled for your eager eyes. Kick […]

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