2020 Hands-on Whiskey Making Classes @ New Deal Distillery | Intro to Fermentation, Distillation, & Barrel-aging of a Small-batch Whiskey

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Hands-on Whiskey Making Classes
Multiple Dates in 2020 | 21+
$250 per person
Register at newdealdistillery.com

New Deal Distillery
900 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR 97214

New Deal Distillery has released the schedule and online registration for the 2020 Hands-On Whiskey Making Classes. These popular classes are great for beginning distillers, spirit geeks and whiskey aficionados alike. “Every aspect is covered: grain choice, enzyme and yeast usage, distillation technique, and how barrel aging affects the final whiskey product,” said Karen Locke, owner at High-Proof Creative. “It’s a must- attend class for both distillery nerds and the mildly curious drinker.”

2020 Classes Calendar

  • Sunday, January 26th
  • Sunday, March 1st
  • Sunday, April 5th
  • Sunday, May 3rd
  • Sunday, July 19th
  • Sunday, August 16th

Each five-hour class has no more than 15 students and offers a hands-on introduction to fermentation, distillation, and barrel-aging of a small-batch whiskey. Students will collaborate with New Deal Distillery’s owner and distiller Tom Burkleaux and leave the class with a working knowledge of craft whiskey production. Attendees will assist with creating a whiskey mash, evaluating distillation cuts, and assessing samples at various stages of the barrel aging process.

“I came to this workshop knowing that I wanted to better understand the science and engineering of whiskey making,” said class attendee, Adam Johnston. “What I came away with was partly this, but also a much clearer sense of the artistry involved. I don’t think you can adequately describe this in a book, and I suspect that it’s for these reasons that so many crafts are taught through some kind of apprenticeship. Within the art and craft, there are decisions you can’t have a real feel for unless you’re there to be a part of that decision; and you can’t really get a sense for what’s important in these processes unless there’s a mentor.”

Classes are held at the distillery (900 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR, 97214) with morning coffee, mini cocktails, whiskey tastings and lunch provided. Cost is $250 per person. Must be 21+ to attend.

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