Eraserhead (35mm) @ 5th Avenue Cinema | Free Popcorn, Experimental Body Horror Film Written by David Lynch, Free Admission for Portland State University Students, 2019 Halloween Weekend

From our partners:
Eraserhead (35mm)
October 25-27, 2019
Friday & Saturday 7pm @ 9:30pm
Sunday @ 3pm
Admission is FREE for PSU students & faculty w/ID.
$4 for all other students & seniors.
$5 General Admission
More info:

5th Avenue Cinema
510 SW Hall St., Portland, OR
(503) 725–3551

Eraserhead (35mm)
Dir. David Lynch (1977); USA, 89m
Starring: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph
Programmed by: Jenny Wechter

Possibly one of the most visceral and disturbing film examples of the surrealism of adulthood, Eraserhead explores themes of income hardship and the stress of parenthood. Initially a student project which lasted five years, David Lynch’s debut film claimed a spot on the silver-screen in 1977 as a consistent midnight screening. Eraserhead soon reached a cult following after leaving audience members slightly sick and asking “what-in-God’s-name is the Eraserhead baby made of?

About 5th Avenue Cinema
Oregon’s only student run cinema has been operating non-profit since 1989. Our goals are to provide further education for PSU students interested in film, as well as a fun place for people to see something they wouldn’t ordinarily get to see on the big screen. The general public is always invited to attend and there is FREE POPCORN at every show. Our feature films are presented on 35mm film, with the occasional screening on our rare Norelco 16mm projector.

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