Portland Planned Parenthood Fundraiser @ Clinton Street Theater | Featuring a Screenings of A Girl Like Her & Jane: An Abortion Service

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Portland Planned Parenthood Fundraiser
August 16, 2019
All Ages | $10 | 7pm – 11:30pm
More info: cstpdx.com

Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St.
More Info: cstpdx.com

With women’s reproductive rights under attack, let’s revisit life before 1973.

Co-hosted by Greater Portland NOW & Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done with endorsements from Womxn’s March Portland & Democratic Party of Oregon Women’s Caucus.

Conversation after the screenings with a former Jane, Judith Arcana, and “a girl like her,” Lani Jo Leigh.


Ann Fessler
48 minutes

A GIRL LIKE HER is the real story of ‘sex and the single girl’. It reveals the hidden history of over a million young women who became pregnant in the 1950s and 60s and were banished to maternity homes to give birth and surrender their babies for adoption. They were told to keep their secret, move on and forget. But, does a woman forget her child? Hear what they have to say now about the long-term impact of surrender and silence on their lives. Written by Ann Fessler, Director.

Jane: An Abortion Service
Kate Kirtz and Nell Lundy
58 minutes

This fascinating political look at a little-known chapter in women’s history tells the story of “Jane”, the Chicago-based women’s health group who performed nearly 12,000 safe illegal abortions between 1969 and 1973 with no formal medical training. As Jane members describe finding feminism and clients describe finding Jane, archival footage and recreations mingle to depict how the repression of the early sixties and social movements of the late sixties influenced this unique group. Both vital knowledge and meditation on the process of empowerment, Jane: An Abortion Service showcases the importance of preserving women’s knowledge in the face of revisionist history.

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