Omamori – Art Show w/ Cozy Factory @ Hello! Good Morning! (Inside Cargo) | Featuring Whimsical Japanese Amulets & Good Luck Charms

From our sponsors:
Omamori – Art show with Cozy Factory
August 3, 2019
1-5p | Free
More info: | Facebook

Hello! Good Morning (Inside Cargo)
81 SE Yamhill St., Portland, OR 97124

OMAMORI is an amulet or good luck charm in Japan. It brings good fortune and protection. We hope you like it and good luck in your life!

Art Opening August 3rd, 1pm – 5pm Cargo Inc of Portland

Cozy Factory are the Japanese artists Koji and Kana Higuchi. They are coming from Japan with their Omamori art show featuring their own unique take on these traditional Japanese amulets or good luck charms originally sold in Shinto shrines.

Cozy Factory combine wood sculpture, painting, paper cutting, and illustration to create works of whimsy, beauty, and mystery.

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