A Bay of Blood (Digital) @ 5th Avenue Cinema | Free Popcorn, Violent Italian Horror, Pioneer of American Slasher Films, Free Admission for Portland State University Students

From our partners:
A Bay of Blood (Digital)
August 2-4, 2019
Friday & Saturday @ 7 pm & 9:30pm
Sunday @ 3 pm
Admission is FREE for PSU students & faculty w/ID.
$4 for all other students & seniors.
$5 General Admission
More info: 5thavecinema.com

5th Avenue Cinema
510 SW Hall St., Portland, OR
(503) 725–3551

A Bay of Blood (Digital)
Dir. Mario Bava (1971); Italy, 84m
Starring: Claudine Auger, Luigi Pistilli, Laura Betti
Programmed by: Sam Schrader

A Bay of Blood, directed by Mario Bava (“the Master of the Macabre”), is a brutally violent masterpiece of Italian horror. The plot follows the murderous exploits of a host of characters as they employ whatever gruesome means necessary to ensure their claim to an inheritance. However, in true giallo fashion, the plot is secondary to the erotic, frenzied, and ultimately game-changing kills depicted on screen. A Bay of Blood (also known as Carnage, Twitch of the Death Nerve, and Blood Bath) was recognized at the time for its achievement in special effects makeup. It’s little surprise that the film is considered to be the foundation on which the American slasher genre would emerge almost a decade later — as well as Bava’s most violent film.

About 5th Avenue Cinema
Oregon’s only student run cinema has been operating non-profit since 1989. Our goals are to provide further education for PSU students interested in film, as well as a fun place for people to see something they wouldn’t ordinarily get to see on the big screen. The general public is always invited to attend and there is FREE POPCORN at every show. Our feature films are presented on 35mm film, with the occasional screening on our rare Norelco 16mm projector.

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