2019 Portland Mother’s Day Neil Diamond Brunch w/ Tony Starlight | Classic Songs, 6 Piece Band

From our sponsors:
Tony’s Neil Diamond Mother’s Day Brunch
May 12, 2019
2 p.m. | $30-$75 | 21+
More info: tonystarlight.com

Tony Starlight Showroom
1125 SE Madison, Suite 103G, Portland, Oregon 97214

Moms love Neil and Neil loves Moms!

Bring mom out for brunch and Tony shall Neil before you! Along with a six-piece band, Tony performs a loving tribute to Neil Diamond with equal parts heart and laughter. Musically the performance is spot on, in fact Tony Starlight sounds so much like Diamond, that fans have remarked, “it’s eerie!” But what makes this show special are the laughs.

Whether it’s monologues about the lifestyle of a living legend and the burdens of carrying around such enormous talent, or challenging the audience to perform better, or an all-new take on “You Don’t Bring me Flowers”, no other Diamond tribute is this much fun. And we guarantee it’s the only tribute with simulated figure skating! Here’s the kicker: Even people who don’t like Neil Diamond, like this show! You know what you call people who don’t like Neil Diamond, don’t ya? LIARS!

TONY STARLIGHT USES LIVE MUSICIANS ONLY. What you hear is us. There are no backing “tracks” on this, or any other show at Tony Starlight Showroom.

  • Tony Starlight: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
  • Bo Ayars: Keyboards
  • Micah Hummel: Drums
  • Dennis Caiazza: Bass
  • Barbara Ayars: Vocals
  • Nick O’Donnell: Electric Guitar

Sean Chiles: Lighting
Aaron Berryman: Sound and video

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