Cider Txotx After Party @ Bar Vivant | Catch Your Own Cider After the Running of the Bulls, Basque Country Tradition

From our sponsors:
Cider Txotx After Party
May 5, 2019
1:30PM | 21+
$10 for runners and $15 for non-pamplona participants
More info:

Bar Vivant
2225 E Burnside St., Portland, 97214

After the running of the bulls join us for a cider Txotx with Basque Isastegi cider! Be prepared to catch the cider in your glass. Or go thirsty. $10 for runners and $15 for non-pamplona participants

In Basque country, the local cider is fermented and then held in huge barrels from January to April, when the weather warms and the rest is bottled. These siderias open their door for guests to drink from the barrel. When some yells, “Txotx!” that means the cider is about to flow so grab your glass and head to the barrel. How to Txotx like a Basque:

1. Less more often! Only catch a small amount to keep the effervescence alive. Stop filling just past your second finger.

2. Queue up! Have your glass under the person’s in front of you, ready to catch the stream when they pull up.

3. Yell “TXOTX!” Want more cider? When you hear Txotx the barrel master will let the cider flow. (FYI – Txotx rhymes with roach.)

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