Vacilando entre Panas Unplugged @ The EastBurn Public House | Horacio Blanco (Desorden Publico) and Pedro Castillo (Aditus)

From our sponsors:
Vacilando entre Panas Unplugged
December 8, 2018
21+ | 9p | $35

1800 E Burnside St., Portland, Oregon 97214

Internationally renowned lead singers Horacio Blanco (Desorden Publico) and Pedro Castillo (Aditus) will bring to Portland a unique unplugged jam session with the best ska and Spanish pop rock. Both artist are from Venezuela and they are coming to PDX as part of a US tour. Dj Blas will wrap up the night with the best Latin dancing tunes (salsa, bachata, reggaeton, merengue, timba and more), Dj Blas has been the resident Dj at Soulsa Latin Party for at Eastburn for the past 4 years. Event Sponsors: Accident Care Chriropractor,, Noe Valladares Photography, Pan, Pirucream.

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