Bradley Angle Presents GlamHer 2018 @ The Nines | Gatsby Themed Benefit for Domestic Violence Shelter, Hosted by Poison Waters

From our sponsors:
GlamHer 2018
May 11, 2018
6 p.m. | $150

The Nines
525 SW Morrison St., Portland OR, 97204

This year, Bradley Angle’s signature event embodies the glitz and glam of the 1920’s. Guests at GlamHer will enjoy delicious food and wine and a night of entertainment with some of Portland’s most notable drag queens. We sat down with longtime GlamHer host, Poison Waters, to get a sneak peek into this year’s festivities.

Bradley Angle: What is your favorite part of GlamHer?

Poison Waters: The coming together of so many facets of our community, all in celebratory manner to raise funds and awareness of Bradley Angle’s great programs and client needs.

BA: What can we look forward to Poison sharing with us this year? Any songs or outfits to go with the 1920’s theme?

PW: Oh yes, Poison loves a theme and the Roaring 20’s/Great Gatsby times were times of high glam and high camp and the other queens and I are excited to share our flapper-fabulosity with everyone!

BA: Why is Bradley Angle important to you?
PW: While it’s fun to dress up and have a great time at GlamHer, the reality is there are many victims of domestic violence right here in our community. Many go years without speaking up or leaving their abuser for many reasons, fear, stigma, finances, etc. Bradley Angle empowers these women and men and helps these broken families heal. Helping raise funds and awareness while showing everyone a good time is my kind of work!

About Bradley Angle
Founded in 1975, Bradley Angle is one of the first emergency shelters in the country and the first domestic violence shelter on the West Coast. The Portland-based organization provides inclusive and accessible support services to domestic violence survivors of diverse cultures, backgrounds, experiences and lifestyles. Our vision is to build communities that are free from domestic violence and oppression—where loving, compassionate and equitable relationships exist for all people. The organization serves more than 900 adults and children a year. See for more information.

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