Queers vs Breeders Trivia Showdown! @ La Merde | Free, Shanrock’s Trivia, Benefit for Basic Rights Oregon, Portland PRIDE Week

From our sponsors:
Queers vs Breeders Trivia Showdown!
June 15, 2017
9 p.m. | Free | 21+
More info: shanrockstrivia.com

La Merde
301 SE Morrison, Portland

It’s free to play this annual fundraiser, but we’ll take up a collection for Basic Rights Oregon.

Do you like boys? Do you like girls? Do you like EVERYBODY?! Well, as long as you like trivia, everyone’s welcome! This eight year old ShanRock’s Triviology pub quiz is for everybody; we will question stereotypes of gay people and poke fun at straight people!

We’ll also play a round of triviaoke: we’ll play songs (Lady Gaga? Van Halen? David Bowie?), then stop them at random points; a member of your team provides the next line of lyrics. The game is free to play, but we will take up a collection for Basic Rights Oregon. The title of this event is in the spirit of a fake rivalry, like a Prince vs. Michael Jackson dance night – everybody plays and everybody wins, because it’s about celebrating love and life together!

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