Imago Theatre’s Presents The Reunion | Comedy, Six Characters in Search of the Punch

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The Reunion
June 9-24, 2017
Friday & Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday June 18 2 p.m.
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Imago Theatre
Portland, OR 97214

The Reunion will tease your comedic palate on a ride of twists, turns and bends that only a director/writer, Carol Triffle, can orchestrate. An original comedy starring Danielle Vermette and Jerry Mouawad. Delores’s (Danielle Vermette) dying wish is to attend high her school reunion but perhaps she’s at the wrong one.

Carol Triffle was recently hailed as “Portland’s most prominent stage absurdist.” Her canon of comedic absurd originals began in 2006 wit Hit Me in the Stomach and often featured Danielle Vermette as her lead clown-heroine. Vermette returns to the boards after a six-year hiatus. She last appeared as a reluctant murderer in Splat. This time, Vermette returns as “Delores” and is supported by Artistic Co-Director Jerry Mouawad, who plays her husband “John,” in Triffle’s latest work The Reunion. The characters “John” and “Delores” last appeared together (with Vermette and Mouawad in the roles) in Triffle’s The Dinner in 2008.

John, her husband, is continually ignored. Delores, his wife, tells all she meets that she’s dying. The soon-to-be-gone and the invisible, Carol Triffle’s motifs, are lightly cloaked in this existential comedy of bad manners at a high school reunion. Triffle’s universe questions, comments, and insults with fire-words skewering each character. All are alone and desperate for companionship yet bound by their aloneness. Live music jolts the absurdity to bubbly heights and side tracks serious moments into comedic ditches. The Reunion can’t be codified and flies like a wild aircraft ricocheting off muddy memories, regrets and the uncertainty of hope. Delores is an enthusiastic but reluctant pilot of her life. On her one and last night’s voyage, Delores refuses to touch down. Nonetheless, all is good when she lands smoothly, easily and unharmed (almost).

The cacophony and absurdity is accented as the ensemble of six each joins in as members of the reunion’s cover band.

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