EastBurn Presents Portland 420 Two Flowers Beer Belly Dinner | Featuring 3 Specialty Coalition CBD Brews Found Only At This Event

From our sponsors:
Two Flowers Dinner
April 20 2017
6 p.m. | $65 | 21+
More info: eastburn.com/beerbellydinner

1800 E Burnside, Portland, OR 97214

Coalition Brewing and EastBurn are excited to announce a unique and exciting collaborative dinner project – “Two Flowers Dinner” A Celebration of Hops & Hemp with East Burn. Multiple courses with beer pairings that will showcase the beautiful close relationship and natural synergy of Hops and Hemp.

We have been working with the team at East Burn, along with Bill Stewart (AKA Bill The Cannabis Science Guy) from Half Baked labs to create a mouthwatering menu where each pairing will have an infused element of hops and/or hemp including three specialty CBD brews from Coalition made specifically and can be only found at this event. There will also be a specialty serving presented by Indio Spirits with their Hopped Liqueur Hopka.

The evening will consist of presentations from Chef Brandon Smoak, Bill Stewart and Head Brewer Elan Walsky. Each attendee will have the opportunity to win an item from the exclusive new hemp clothing line from award winning local designer Jason Calderon of West Daily.

** There will be no THC products served at this event nor permitted to be consumed anywhere on the premises.

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