Solve the Wizard’s Secrets of Alchemy to Escape The Wizard’s Lair Before it’s Too Late w/ Escapism Portland!

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WizLogoEscapism Portland
Everyday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
2-5 people $90 | 6-8 people $140 | 9-12 people $200
Bookings last one hour
Save 20% with code ESCAPISM20 at

910 NW Joy Ave, Portland, OR 97229

Escapism Portland is proud to introduce our fifth and newest escape room experience, the Wizard’s Lair. Now for up to 12 people – it is bigger, better and with some amazing new props!

A master wizard has spent the last several months cloistered in his hidden lair before finally vanishing completely. The old mage’s apprentice, suspicious and unwilling to trust anyone in the magical community, has contacted you in hopes you can help. Enter the dark chambers and work quickly to unravel the wizard’s secrets of alchemy. Will you be able to bring him back before it’s too late?

Escape rooms are the newest craze in entertainment, topping the attractions list for major cities in Europe, Asia, and now the United States.

The escape room is full of clues, codes and puzzles. You will need to use critical thinking, observation, dexterity and a bit of luck in order to escape the room before time runs out!

Escapism Portland is the only escape room in Portland where you are not paired with strangers and has a competitive group pricing model. Book with us today!

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