Pix Patisserie / Bar Vivant Awarded World’s Best Champagne List For Third Year in A Row! | 401 Champagnes, 100 Sparkling Wines, 119 Sherries & More!

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Pix Patisserie Wine LIstPix Patisserie named World’s Best Champagne & Sparkling Wine List

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Portland’s very own beloved and longstanding dessert oasis has made history, winning the title of “World’s Best Champagne and Sparkling Wine List” for the third year in a row. This award comes from the prestigious and authoritative wine publication, The World of Fine Wine magazine, in London.

“In another good year for the USA, Pix Pâtisserie in Portland, Oregon completed a hat trick of the WBWL triumphs by again taking the title of World’s Best Champagne and Sparkling Wine List for what judge Elin McCoy called an “amazing monumental” selection,” the magazine writes.

“Our judges were impressed again this year—remarking on a ‘very strong selection’ in Champagne and sparkling wine, but also drawing attention to the excellent range of Sherry.”

“With what the WBWL judges described as a ‘solid range’ of red and white wines from around the world to match Wakerhauser’s small-plate cuisine, Pix’s individualism continues to stand out from the crowd.”

The judges were impressed with the sheer selection of champagne, sparkling wine and sherry on the list, as well as the economical pricing, precise organization, most impressively, the listing of disgorgement dates. “You know exactly what you’re getting,” commented Tom Stevenson, judge and globally respected champagne expert. The wine list, created by Pix’s owner and executive chef Cheryl Wakerhauser, contains 401 champagnes, 100 sparkling wines from across the globe and 119 sherries, representing all price points and bottle sizes. In an interview with Wakerhauser, asking what being featured in The World of Fine Wine for the third year running means to her, she replied,

“Well this is the third year I have won, the first year I was in shock, the second year I was amazed and this year, I feel proud – all the hard work that my staff and myself have put in, to be a part of this list and the fact there’s a publication that recognizes all the hard work we put together is just awesome and I feel really proud of what we have accomplished.”

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