Portland February 2016 First Thursday Events, Art Openings, Parties | Pearl, NW, SW, Old Town

First Thursday @ PNCA, Portland, Oregon Portland’s First Thursday event is this week! Take a break from the rain and see some art!

There are more than 50 galleries having openings this month, with most openings taking place in the Pearl district and Old Town/China Town. Most gallery openings begin at 5PM or 6PM and end at 9PM or 10PM.

We have a very large list below thanks to Sequential Art Gallery (328 NW Broadway). They compile an email called the “[h]IT LIST” of events every month. You can join it by emailing them @ sequentialart @ gmail dot com. We have reproduced much of it below with permission.

Are you on the Twitter? Follow @FirstThursday or the #firstthursday hashtag to see what people are posting about it. You can also follow Sequential art on twitter: @sequentialart

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Everett Station Lofts

625 NW Everett & 328 NW Broadway

101. Gallery in transition
102. COMPOSITION – Closed til March
103. RIGHT SIDE ART – Paul Loverme
104. PORTLAND ‘PATAPHYSICAL SOCIETY – “Selections from Flatland” by Ditch Projects
105. PONY CLUB GALLERY – Open First Thursday
106. SAGE GALLERY – Open FirstThursday
107. FOTOEFFECT GALLERY – Open FirstThursday
108. WILL CALL ART – Open FirstThursday
109. Gallery in transition
110. DARRAS – Open First Thursday
111. BASIC SPACE – “Pause – Breathe – Let Go” by Fred Swan
113. SEQUENTIAL ART GALLERY – Closed til March
114. KILLER PINK GALLERY – Open FirstThursday
117. PULSE – Closed til March


Old Town Chinatown



  • ANNIE MEYER [120 NW 9th Ave] – Valentine’s Day Art Show
  • AUGEN NW [716 NW Davis] -Work by James Minden and Jim Dine
  • BASIL HALLWARD GALLERY @ POWELL’S [1005 W. Burnside] – “If These Houses Could Dream…” by Kimberly Cordray
  • BLACKFISH [420 NW 9th Ave] – Images and Objects of Native American artist James Luna
  • BLUE SKY [122 NW 8th Ave] -Photography by Michelle Frankfurter and Kris Graves
  • BRYN FORBES GALLERY [1102 NW Marshall] – Open FirstThursday
  • BULLSEYE [300 NW 13th Ave] – “The Emotional Life of Objects” by Silvia Levenson, Dante Marioni and Heidi Schwegler
  • CHARLES A HARTMAN FINE ART [134 NW 8th Ave] -“Conversations with the Dead” by Danny Lyon
  • ELIZABETH LEACH [417 NW 9th Ave] – “stone, cloth, flushed cloud” by Charlene Liu; “Drawing to Planet Earth” by Christine Bourdette
  • FROELICK [714 NW Davis] -“Unweaving the Colonial Discourse” by Gail Tremblay
  • GALLERY 135 [135 NW Park] – Open First Thursday
  • GALLERY 903 [903 NW Davis St.] – “In Real Life” representational work from NW artists.
  • GLYPH [804 NW Couch] – Open First Thursday
  • LAURA RUSSO [805 NW 21st] – Portland Art Museum’s 2016 Contemporary NW Art Award Winners
  • MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY CRAFT [724 NW Davis] – Craft Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • OPEN GALLERY [323 NW 6th] -“The Good The Bad & The Ugly” by Annie McLaughlin
  • PDX CONTEMPORARY [925 NW Flanders] – “Night & Day” by Jeffry Mitchell
  • PEARL GALLERY & FRAMING[1017 NW Davis St] – “Medulla Oblongata” by Nathan Petz
  • UPFOR [929 NW Flanders] -“Pain Tero Flight” group show
  • WATERSTONE [124 NW 9th] – “Imbue/Imbuere” by Shu-Ju Wang




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