MANY First Thursday Art Events & Openings: Pearl, Old Town, SW, NW | April 2013

First Thursday @ PNCA, Portland, Oregon Portland’s First Thursday event is this evening! There are sure to be thousands of people roaming NW Portland. There are over 50 (probably 100) galleries having openings this month, with most openings taking place in the Pearl district and Old Town/China Town. Most gallery openings begin at 5PM or 6PM and end at 9PM or 10PM.

We have a very large list below thanks to Sequential Art Gallery (328 NW Broadway). They compile an email called the “[h]IT LIST” of events every month. You can join it by emailing them @ sequentialart @ gmail dot com. We have reproduced much of it below with permission.

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This Month at Sequential Art Gallery:

From our partners:
Helheim April First Thursday @ Sequential GalleryApril First Thursday Art Opening: The Art of HELHEIM
April 4, 2013
6-10 p.m. | FREE | All Ages

Sequential Gallery
328 NW Broadway Portland, OR 97209
(503) 916-9293 | More Info:

Sequential Art Gallery proudly presents the Art of “HELHEIM”, by Joëlle Jones. Sponsored in part by publisher Oni Press, and comic book retailer Bridge City Comics, Jones will be displaying original pages and variant cover art from her new series “Helheim”, written by Cullen Bunn. The exhibit opens this Thursday, April 4th, with the artist’s reception from 6pm to 10pm. Copies of “Helheim” #1 will be available for purchase.

Set in the late 6th Century, “Helheim” blends vikings, witchcraft, and undead monsters into a deliciously violent and horrifying mystery. Following her work on DC/Vertigo’s “Madame Xanadu” and Dark Horse’s “House of Night”, Jones is no stranger to the fantasy genre. With “Helheim”, Jones is producing the finest work of her career. In the recently released first issue, Jones expertly depicts the cold northern lands of the vikings, as well as the gore and mayhem of fierce battle, all with her recognizable-yet-clearly-evolving drawing style.



625 NW Everett & 328 NW Broadway

101. MULTIPLEX – Open First Thursday
102. SOHITEK GALLERY – “Waves, Dots, and The Absolute”, by Bobby Bonaparte
103. RIGHT SIDE ART – Open First Thursday
104. ORIENTATION – Open First Thursday
105. PONY CLUB GALLERY – Open First Thursday
106. COCK GALLERY – Open First Thursday
107. FOTOEFFECT GALLERY – David Chelsea’s “First Ever One-Man Show” (see above)
108. WILL CALL ART – Open First Thursday
109. B*ORIGINAL ARTGLASS – Open First Thursday
110. DARRAS – Open First Thursday
111. FLEETING STATES – “The Burro Lifestyle Magazine” group show and performances
113. SEQUENTIAL ART GALLERY – “Helheim”, by Joëlle Jones (see above)
114. TIMESHARE – Open First Thursday
115. ABSTRACT IDEA MOTION – Open First Thursday
117. PULSE – work by Jeni Lee and Siri Schilios
BREEZE BLOCK GALLERY [323 NW 6th Ave] – “SEEYOUYOUSEE”, installation by Stephen Scott Smith


BACKSPACE [115 NW 5th] – Open First Thursday
BUTTERS [520 NW Davis] – “Sculpture Garden”; An installation of sculptural works by gallery artists
COMPOUND [107 NW 5th Ave] – “Space”
EPHEMERAL GALLERY [412 NW Couch] – Indoor Mural (visible from street)
FIFTY24PDX/ UPPER PLAYGROUND [ 23 NW 5th] – “Strange Exchange”: a group show that explores feelings of apathy and perversion and the hunger for pizza and beer.
FLOATING WORLD COMICS [400 NW Couch] – “Soul Twinkies/Kill City art exhibit” by “World Famous Bobby Madness
GRAETER ART GALLERY [131 NW 2nd] – Open First Thursday
GRASS HUT [400 NW Couch] – featuring art by Jeff Sheridan
HELLION [19 NW 5th] – “Commotion” featuring new work by Joshua Kraus
LAN SU CHINESE GARDENS [NW 3rd & Everett] – Winter hours 10am-5pm
OREGON NIKKEI LEGACY CENTER [121 NW 2nd] – “Coming Home: Voices of Return and Resettlement, 1945-1965”, 4-7pm (thru May 2013)
SARAH GIFFROW CREATIVE [217 NW Couch] – Open First Thursday

TRIM/VOJDANI GALLERY at P:EAR [338 NW 6th Ave] – “Our Town”, art by Chris Haberman, Ali Schlicting, Matt Schlosky and Danielle Kirby with p:ear youth (see above)



BRYN FORBES GALLERY [1102 NW Marshall] – Work by Bryn Forbes
LAURA RUSSO [805 NW 21st] – work by Whitney Nye and Roll Hardy
AUGEN NW [716 NW Davis] – Paintings by Laurel Bustamante, Photographs by Steve McCurry
GALLERY 114 [1100 NW Glisan] – “A Moment in Time” by Myra Clark
THE SPACE/JILLIAN RABE LLC [1030 NW 12th Ave] – Open First Thursday
BLUE SKY [122 NW 8th Ave] – work by Tamas Dezso and Philipp Scholz Rittermann; Portraits from the Titus Riedl Collection
BLACKFISH [420 NW 9th Ave] – art by Angela Passalacqua  and Barbara Black
MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY CRAFT [724 NW Davis] – “Object Focus: The Bowl”, “We Tall Ourselves Stories in Order to Live”; 9 Oregon artists.
BULLSEYE [300 NW 13th Ave] – “The End and After”, by Michael Endo & Stacy Lynn Smith
ELIZABETH LEACH [417 NW 9th Ave] – “Pictures from the next day”: photographs by Robert Lyons; “Latencies”; Paintings by Joan Waitemath
FROELICK [714 NW Davis] – “Dutch Landscapes”; photographs by Ron van Dongen, paintings by Popco Bakkers
GALLERY 135 [135 NW Park] – Poster design inspired by and live music by Samsel and The Skirt
DEEP FIELD GALLERY [1126 NW 13th] – Open First Thursday
GIGANTIC [1720 NW Lovejoy #103] – “To All Our Future Flames”
BASIL HALLWARD GALLERY @ POWELL’S [1005 W. Burnside] – “After-Light: An Unconventional Photography Exhibition” group show
GALLERY 903 [903 NW Davis St.] – Spring Group Exhibit
CHARLES A HARTMAN FINE ART [134 NW 8th Ave] – work by Kenneth Josephson
WATERSTONE [424 NW 12th] – “Happy To Be Here” work by Lisa Kaser and Shu-Ju Wang

GBD ARCHITECTS [1120 NW Couch, Ste 300] – “Shared Discoveries”, paintings by Linden, curated by Jennifer Porter (Chroma)
CARAVAN PACIFIC [1720 NW Lovejoy] – art by United Thread, Kevin Poest and new lighting designs.


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