MANY First Thursday Art Events & Openings: Pearl, Old Town, SW, NW | March 2013

First Thursday @ PNCA, Portland, Oregon Portland’s First Thursday event is this evening! There are sure to be thousands of people roaming NW Portland. There are over 50 (probably 100) galleries having openings this month, with most openings taking place in the Pearl district and Old Town/China Town. Most gallery openings begin at 5PM or 6PM and end at 9PM or 10PM.

We have a very large list below thanks to Sequential Art Gallery (328 NW Broadway). They compile an email called the “[h]IT LIST” of events every month. You can join it by emailing them @ sequentialart @ gmail dot com. We have reproduced much of it below with permission.

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This Month at Sequential Art Gallery:

Shades of Black @ Sequential GalleryShades of Black
March 7, 2013
6-10 p.m. | FREE | All Ages

Sequential Gallery
328 NW Broadway Portland, OR 97209
(503) 916-9293

Sequential Art Gallery presents “Shades of Black”, a collection of both new and old work by multifaceted artist, Kevin Stephenson. The exhibit opens this Thursday, March 7th, with the artist’s reception from 6pm to 10pm.

With “Shades of Black”, Stephenson combines two collections that focus heavily on the art of storytelling. The first is “Counting Corvids”, an illustrated interpretation of the old world practice of divination by counting crows or ravens.The second collection is “The Derelict and The Wanted Men”, Stephenson’s take on the poem-turned-song “The Derelict”, more commonly known as “Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest” from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”. Stephenson treats “The Derelict” as “pirate CSI”, adding a series of pirate wanted posters, fleshing out the tale.

Stephenson is an accomplished illustrator, painter, and printmaker. He utilizes his expertise in woodworking, leathercraft, and metalcraft for Forge & Thistle, a small business that Stephenson co-owns, which specializes in quality hand-made products. Stephenson is also a proud and esteemed member of PDX Yar!, Portland’s premier pirate-themed performance group. As part of the First Thursday reception, his fellow privateers from PDX Yar! will be on deck, singing, carousing, and general merry-making. (

“Shades of Black” will be on display throughout the month of March, with gallery hours on Thursdays from 3pm-7pm, Saturdays from 11am-5pm, and by appointment.”Shades of Black” will close at the end of business on Saturday, March 30th.


Old Town Chinatown First Thursday Events:

  • 24HR CHURCH OF ELVIS [408 NW Couch] – Open 24/7
  • BACKSPACE [115 NW 5th] – Open First Thursday
  • BUTTERS [520 NW Davis] – Recent Paintings by Deborah Gillis
  • COMPOUND [107 NW 5th Ave] – “TEN”, a ten-year retrospective by Katsuya Terada
  • EPHEMERAL GALLERY [412 NW Couch] – Indoor Mural (visible from street)
  • FIFTY24PDX/ UPPER PLAYGROUND [ 23 NW 5th] – “Peeled” by Hill Hudson Illustration
  • FLOATING WORLD COMICS [400 NW Couch] – “St. Owl’s Bay (Wet Swords)” book release & art exhibit, by Simon Hanselmann
  • GRAETER ART GALLERY [131 NW 2nd] – Open First Thursday
  • GRASS HUT [400 NW Couch] – “Visitor”, a group show in conjunction with HungryEyeball
  • HELLION [19 NW 5th] – “Daughter Like a Specter”, by Nonnow Naruse (Tokyo, Japan)
  • LAN SU CHINESE GARDENS [NW 3rd & Everett] – Winter hours 10am-5pm
  • OREGON NIKKEI LEGACY CENTER [121 NW 2nd] – “Coming Home: Voices of Return and Resettlement, 1945-1965”, 4-7pm (thru May 2013)
  • SARAH GIFFROW CREATIVE [217 NW Couch] – NEW GALLERY! — Jewelry by Janet Neuman; and garment & costume design by Bonnie Thor Kornahrens
  • TRIM/VOJDANI GALLERY at P:EAR [338 NW 6th Ave] – “Jumping For Joy:”, art by William Park and p:ear youth.”


Northwest Portland First Thursday Events:

  • CHAMBERS [916 NW Flanders] – “Viene un Cambio”, installation by Blakely Dadson
  • BRYN FORBES GALLERY [1102 NW Marshall] – Work by Bryn Forbes
  • LAURA RUSSO [805 NW 21st] – “The Glass Opera” by Gregory Grenon, and “The Present End” by Michael Paul Miller
  • AUGEN NW [716 NW Davis] – “Real/Unreal”, handmade holograms by James Minden, and prints by Bernard Epple
  • GALLERY 114 [1100 NW Glisan] – “Signals” by Jon Gottshall
  • THE SPACE/JILLIAN RABE LLC [1030 NW 12th Ave] – Open First Thursday
  • BLUE SKY [122 NW 8th Ave] – New work by Vadim Gushchin and Arthur Tress
  • BLACKFISH [420 NW 9th Ave] – “Tree of Life in All Seasons”, by Kanetaka Ikeda
  • MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY CRAFT [724 NW Davis] – “Object Focus: The Bowl”, curated by Namita Gupta Wiggers
  • BULLSEYE [300 NW 13th Ave] – “The End and After”, by Michael Endo & Stacy Lynn Smith
  • ELIZABETH LEACH [417 NW 9th Ave] – “The Hawthornes”, sculptures by Amanda Wojick; “Morphic Fields”, paintings by Joseph Park; and selected prints by Fred Sandback
  • FROELICK [714 NW Davis] – “Scene”, by Ritsuko Ozeki; and “A Long Road Home”, by Miles Cleveland Goodwin
  • PDX CONTEMPORARY [925 NW Flanders] – “The Optimist”, by Adam Sorenson
  • GALLERY 135 [135 NW Park] – “Souvenirs”, by Jason Greene
  • DEEP FIELD GALLERY [1126 NW 13th] – Open First Thursday
  • GIGANTIC [1720 NW Lovejoy #103] – “Cartes de Visite, Part Deux”, a 2nd anniversary group show
  • BASIL HALLWARD GALLERY @ POWELL’S [1005 W. Burnside] – “Saving Daylight”, by Heidi Keith
  • GALLERY 903 [903 NW Davis St.] – Spring Group Exhibit
  • CHARLES A HARTMAN FINE ART [134 NW 8th Ave] – “The Bikeriders”, by Danny Lyon
  • WATERSTONE [424 NW 12th] – “What’s Next?”, annual group exhibitions
  • GBD ARCHITECTS [1120 NW Couch, Ste 300] – “Shared Discoveries”, paintings by Linden, curated by Jennifer Porter (Chroma)


Southwest Portland First Thursday Events:

Everett Station Lofts (625 NW Everett & 328 NW Broadway):

  • 101. MULTIPLEXNEW GALLERY! — Open First Thursday (see above)
  • 102. SOHITEK GALLERY – “Waves, Dots, and The Absolute”, by Bobby Bonaparte
  • 103. RIGHT SIDE ART – Open First Thursday
  • 104. ORIENTATION – Open First Thursday
  • 105. PONY CLUB GALLERY – “Past, Present & Future”, an exhibit by Keith Carter (see above)
  • 106. COCK GALLERY – Open First Thursday
  • 107. FOTOEFFECT GALLERY – “Debut” by Lauryn Hare
  • 108. WILL CALL ART – Ceramics by Charles “Chuck” Harper
  • 109. B*ORIGINAL ARTGLASS – Open First Thursday
  • 110. DARRAS – Open First Thursday
  • 111. FLEETING STATES – “Super Electric Gaming Arts (SEGA) Show”, by Marcus Adams & Tabulanis Morris
  • 113. SEQUENTIAL ART GALLERY – “Shades of Black”, by Kevin Stephenson (see above)
  • 114. TIMESHARE – “HOUSEHAUS”, an exhibition by Megan Saxon, Alexis Rittenhouse, and Hillary Murphy
  • 115. ABSTRACT IDEA MOTION – “Let’s Make Paint 2” interactive exhibit
  • 116. [NEW GALLERY COMING SOON] – Stay Tuned
  • 117. PULSENEW GALLERY! — “Where We Live” by PM Shore (see above)
  • BREEZE BLOCK GALLERY [323 NW 6th Ave] – “SEEYOUYOUSEE”, installation by Stephen Scott Smith


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