Love of Portland Art Opening w/ Dan Stiles @ People’s Art of Portland | FREE, All Ages, 300+ Artists

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Love of Portland @ People's Art of PortlandLove of Portland Art Opening
Saturday, February 16, 2013
5-9 p.m. | FREE | All Ages

People’s Art of Portland
700 SW 5th Ave, Ste 4005
Portland, OR 97204 | More Info:

300+ artists. art show tribute to Portland. . . bridge scenes, big bikes, big beards, roses, food carts and tattoos, hundred of the ideas that make portland. Opens Feb 16th from 5-9. show is up until March 10th

Portland is a city to love. How can you not love Portland? Whether a Native Portlander (like Mark and Chris, who actually went to the same high school) or an entrenched Oregonian transplant (like Jason Brown, from Idaho originally, who has embraced this City and help form its culture), the City is home, and it helps define us.

To us, art is a huge part of what makes up Portland culture; its people, and the appreciation and LOVE for all things Portland. As former joint curators of the LOVE show in past years, we started this Love of Portland show last year because we wanted a show that celebrated LOVE and PORTLAND – two ideas that are part of a lot of themed art, but even more local and centered on a subject we live and breathe every day.

Feature artist is Dan Stiles
What Dan is trying to do with his design is to say as much as he can using as little as he can. He try’s to pare down the idea and the form to its essence. Dan feels like visually the work is bolder that way. Posters should be bold, you’re supposed to be able to see them from across the street. He also finds that once you strip off all the fluff you find out if your idea is any good or not.

Curated/Owned by:
Chris Haberman: [email protected]
Jason Brown: [email protected]
Managed by:
Ali Schlicting: [email protected]

Always All Ages. In league with Settlement Galleries – Pioneer Place Mall. (Peoples Art of Portland, Place, and Mark Woolley).
Show Info:

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