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Faces in the Mirror Screening @ BackspaceFaces in the Mirror Film Screening w/ Boyd Tinsley
Wednesday, February 6, 2013
7 p.m. | FREE, Suggested donation for Old Town Creative | All Ages
More Info: www.facesinthemirrorfilm.com

115 NW 5th Ave Portland, OR 97209
(503) 248-2900

When asked if they know who Boyd Tinsley is, many people will answer “Isn’t he “the” cool guy in the Dave Matthews band?”. It’s true, Boyd Tinsley is pretty cool with or without being a spotlight member of the DMB. Tinsley has created a remarkable project, a feature length movie called Faces In The Mirror. The film is about a “journey to forgiveness”.

Boyd Tinsley is taking his film on the road, presenting it in Ted Talks fashion, where audiences get to hear him speak on subjects touched upon in the film – forgiveness, unity, togetherness… In each city after the screening Tinsley gets on stage with a lucky LOCAL band (PDX’s Rob Stroup & The Blame) for a lengthy and creative jam, showing us how even total strangers can cooperate and create together.

It is said that the entire concept for Faces In The Mirror hit Tinsley late one night in 2008, and in pure mad-scientist form he created the entire score of chilling music in a five day creative bender. The score is quite riveting in that epic “movie theater sound system” kind of way, and certainly not what you would expect from a two-decade member of the Dave Matthews band. As much as you may want to be critical of the music, it’s really quite cool, and genuinely represents the tone of the movie.

Tinsley started with the score and a concept coming from his gut, made some bold moves, and what ensued was as close to a “modern day dramatic silent film” as a film can get. The acting is impressively almost 100% improvised.

“It’s almost like the film is the score,” Tinsley explained during an informal Q&A at the screening. Inspired by director Alfred Hitchcock‘s use of sound and silence in movies like Psycho and North by Northwest, Tinsley made Faces in the Mirror’s score over five days in Seattle, well before he’d assembled a cast and crew. A script never existed.” – Rolling Stone

This story is about Ben Fisher (portrayed by Ryan Orr), a young man who returns home to bury his father. Angry that he had been neglected by his workaholic father, Ben had refused to see him for years. On the day of his father’s funeral, Ben goes on a dream-like odyssey where he’s led, portal by portal, to fantastical places with somewhat mystifying people who all seem to be guiding him somewhere. He’s looking for a way to be free of his pain and guilt. He’s looking for forgiveness.

This is a film that’s not only meant to be seen, it’s meant to be experienced. An experience of music, visuals and emotion. Please join us at Backspace for this unique presentation and performance! All ages welcome. Backspace has a bar for those with I.D.

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