2013 Global No Pants Day in Portland + Pictures | Max Ride, DJs, Best Legs Contest, Photo Ops

Portland Global No Pants Day 2011

Global No Pants Day Photo by Natalie St John

This Sunday is the 2013 Global No Pants Day Party in Portland. The weather is going to be pretty cold this year, around 39 degrees, but there will still be a big group of brave souls ready to take it off and ride the MAX!

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2013 Global No Pants Day Requirements, Party, Locations:

Facebook Event Info:
Global No Pants Day PortlandGlobal No Pants Day
Sunday, January 13, 2013
Time: 2-7:30 p.m., No Pants Private After Party starting at 3:15 p.m.
Meeting Location: SplashBar, 904 Northwest Couch Street, in  Portland
More info: Facebook event
Pictures: “Global No Pants Day | 175 People, 36 Degrees”


2:30ish the groups head out to ride the trains/max to the 1st location, the 2nd location is the Big group photo op at Pioneer Sq, 3rd location is across from Jakes, 4th stop is the No Pants party at Splash Bar.

Meeting point & Requirements for participation:

There is one meeting point for 2013 No Pants Subway/Max Ride; you’ll receive information at Splashbar!! The options are listed on the page below for you to join in the group if you are waiting like we have done the last few years. The information for the event will given out direction at the beginning of the event by Tony; at the end we all meet up and head for a “No Pants Party” @ Splashbar. The theme to go along for the Subway/Max ride this year: No Pants & Sun Glasses!!It is very important that you bring with you a back pack, a bag, etc to put your pants in, as well as an alibi as to why you’re on the max. In order not to get kicked off of the max you must be headed some where. Oh yes, remember you still are in public I recommend not wearing any thongs!
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*This is a participatory event, don’t show up unless you will be taking off your pants*
1) Willing to take pants off on subway/Max
2) Able to keep a straight face about it
3) For those of you travelling with us on the train/max, don’t forget at least $$$ for fare! VERY IMPORTANT!
4) Please be logical in your attire – No g-strings, see thru underwear, clean white under wear. ect,ect. We reserve the right to ask you to leave for poor clothing.
5) FYI – We are not doing Shopping Malls, bookstores,ect,ect. Just the trains/Max

No Pants Party at Splash Bar
There will be a DJ, drink specials. The after party location will be at Splash Bar at 3:15 till whenever we shut it down!! if you are wearing pants, you must be leaving the party as we are trying to stay with the theme.

Best Legs Contest!!

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