Portland Halloween Scavenger Hunt | Flashlights, Costumes, $500 First Prize

From our sponsors at PDX Hunt:
PDX Hunt Halloween Scavenger HuntPDX Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, October 27, 2012
7 p.m. – 10 p.m. | $35-$50 | All Ages
Purchase Tickets HERE

In the Dark of Night, teams dressed in costume will scour the city by car, solving clues, finding locations and searching for “Special Items”

Armed with just flashlights in hand, teams will venture into the darkness on a quest to locate a few “Special Items”. Each team will need to pre-register one cell phone in order to receive text messages during the night. Messages include clues to solve, locations to find and items to search for.

Created for adults – Children welcome – Think PG 13. After party location to be texted out during the hunt.

$500 First Place
$100 Second Place
$ 50 Third Place
$ 50 Best Team Costume
$ 50 Best Team Costume Runners Up
$ 50 Best Pic /Uploaded To Our Pdxhunt Facebook Page
(pic must be uploaded by 12/3/12)

How it works:
Teams register one cell phone to receive text messages during the hunt. Clues, locations and tasks will be texted out during the hunt. Each team will be required to complete all the tasks before making their way to the finish line. First team to complete all the tasks and make their way to the finish line, wins $500! Teams must obey all traffic laws to play.

Basic Rules:
-Teams must get team photos at all required locations.
-Teammates must stay together at all times.
-Teams cannot have a designated driver.
-No Driver can be left at the wheel.
-Everyone must be in all the required photos and all teammates must be clearly visible in all required team photos. All players must be present in all photos to win.

Here’s What To Bring
-$5 Per Team (not per person)
-Digital Camera w/Flash
-Internet Connected Device
-Pencil & Paper
-Costume – Make It Fun
-Car – Scooter – Truck- Motorcycle
-One Pre-Registered Cell Phone
-Flashlight(s) and Extra Batteries
-2-6 Players Per Team
-Costumes not required – But even matching hats or T-shirts will do

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