Portland Adult Soapbox Derby Pictures, Video & 2012 Info | Mt Tabor Park, Spectator Map, After-Party

Portland Adult Soapbox Derby • 35 Hotdog Millionaire
Portland Adult Soapbox Derby • 35 Hotdog Millionaire | Photo by victorvonsalza

The 2012 Portland Adult Soap Box Derby is this Saturday at Mount Tabor Park. It is a huge event that everyone should check out at least once. Over 5,000 people attended last year.  It’s free to attend, and you are allowed to bring beer, wine, and food (no hard alcohol). There will be some food vendors out there as well. Just like last year, there is also an after-party where prizes will be awarded. Below is the info, spectator map, and crash videos from years past!

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2012 Portland Adult Soapbox Derby Info, Spectator Map, Crash Videos

Portland Adult Soap Box Derby
August 18, 2012 | 10AM-4PM

Mt Tabor Park
SE Portland, Oregon | More info: http://www.soapboxracer.com/

Inspired by the illegal soapbox society of San Francisco, Paul Zenk saw a vision at Mt. Tabor Park when he started the Derby here in 1997.

We invite you to announce and cover brilliant costumes, insanely designed to engineering feat cars, and enjoy side splitting laughs from the spills and thrills at the 15th Annual PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

Committed to camaraderie, competition & community, this grass roots event brings thousands out for a perfect picnic day.

2012 Mission: “Flexing Portland’s creative muscle since 1997!”

“Once a year a brave group of racers convene on the daunting slopes of Mt. Tabor to test their metal to their mettle. We thank our beloved volcano for allowing us to tickle her spine.”

Mt. Tabor, a 600-foot hill containing the remnants of an extinct volcano is the only inner city volcano in the U.S. allowing for an erupting event, over 5,000 people turned out last year!

2012 Portland Soap Box Derby Spectator Map

ADVISING ALL SPECTATORS this is a community event so there are no vendors (food or beverages) so pack in a picnic; beer and wine are allowed but NO hard alcohol. All pets must be on leash for racer and animal safety.


Youth Derby

Portland’s 17th youth Soapbox derby this last August had so much excitement in the air, we can’t wait to do it again!

Take the coaster car challenge which is an exciting lesson plan while building a soap box and join the Greater Portland Soapbox Derby in Portland’s 18th race this year. Sanctioned racers are welcome.


Top 3 frequently asked questions

  1. Q: When and where is the next derby? A: Saturday, August 18 2012. Mt. Tabor Park. 10 AM – 4 PM
  2. Q: How can I become a racer in the derby? A: Familiarize yourself with the updated racer packet, If you would like to be added the the racer mailing list for next years announcements contact us.
  3. Q: How do I sponsor the upcoming derby A: Contact us for details. Note: We do have a couple areas that could be set up with crash barriers in some prime viewing areas on the course for your own VIP party.

Disclaimer: Portland’s PDX Adult Soapbox Derby is a 90 + volunteer-fueled grass roots community event traditionally held the third Saturday in the month of August.

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Portland Soapbox Derby Crash Videos

Portland Adult Soap Box Derby
Mount Tabor Park
Portland, Oregon
Filmed by brewcaster
Music: ‘Frenzy’ By: Locust Avenue

You are likely to see a few more crashes this year and NW Sports Guy explains why…

From NW Sports Guy (more videos & pictures on his site here):

In addition to poor construction, the vehicles most likely to crash have 1) poorly secured bicycle wheels 2) a high center of gravity and 3) high occupancy. Add in alcohol, a steep down grade and spectators throwing water balloons, and you get the perfect storm for destruction. In the above video, you can hear a water balloon impact against the soap box car, causing it to swerve and lose control. The spectator in the video wound up with a broken nose and was taken to the hospital. Good times had by all.


Portland Adult Soapbox Derby Crash 2009
Video by chadrickash

Description: The tiger themed car crashes into a spectator Sparked by a water balloon from the crowd that forced the vehicle to lose control.


Tiger Car Soapbox Derby Crash
Video by speedthrills36

Description: An alternate angle view of the Tiger Car that crashed into the crowd and broke the nose of that unfortunate spectator at the Portland Adult Soapbox Derby. You can see and hear the water balloons that hit the car and caused it to lose control. August 22, 2009.

2010 Flickr Slideshow

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