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Pedalpalooza: Portland Bike Event Picks June 14-17 | Naked Bike Rides, Star Wars vs Star Trek, Zombie Apocalypse, & More

Portland Naked Bike Ride
Portland Naked Bike Ride | Photo by farrell anna

Portland’s gigantic annual bike festival Pedalpalooza continues to build as the largest event, the World Naked Bike Ride is this Saturday night. There are currently over 270 events on the Pedalpalooza website and probably around a 50 for just this weekend. We went through and found around 20 events that look to be good, well attended, or should be interesting including.

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Portland Bike/ Pedalpalooza Picks | Thursday, June 14, 2012


DYING FREEWAYS RIDE @ Morrison Bridge (Meet at the “bus stop” on the top of the bridge, middle of the river, 3:00pm – 5:00pm): You’ve heard of the “Dead Freeways Ride?” Well, while many freeways were stopped in the 20th Century, some were not. These monolithic megaroads still exist today, worn out and clogged with life-choking cars.

We’ll check out these anachronistic relics from the Age of Motordom, and see how they’re serving 21st Century needs. We’ll mix historical snippets from the Robert Moses Plan of 1966 with contemporary observation, and discuss ways to repurpose the space and infrastructure to meet the needs of the 21st Century.

10 miles, 2 hours. Break midway, bring snacks & water.


DARCELLE’S PARADE OF GLITZ, GLITTER, AND COMEDY @ Darcelle XV Showplace (208 NW 3rd Avenue, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Doors open at 5 if you want a drink!): Look, honey: Portland’s favorite female impersonator wants to give you a tour of downtown. Do you know where your rhinestones are? (Post-parade ride to Show Me The Pink’s reunion show at Plan B departs Darcelle’s at 8.)


FAKE MUSTACHE RIDE @ bottom of the aerial tram (moody and gibbs, 6:00pm – 7:00pm)
Bring your best fake mustache and join us in a celebration of facial hair that you did not grow yourself.

We will dawn our mustaches and ride casually through downtown and to overlook park where we will enjoy some Voodoo “Portland Doughnuts” with mustaches on them and possibly play a game of kickball. At seven I’ll lead anyone interested to come to Earl Blumenhauer’s big gala at the memorial coliseum.


ICE BREAKER RIDE-THE SLEEPER EVENT OF THE WEEK! @ Irving Park (NE 7th Ave and Fargo St, Portland; Meet just outside of the tennis courts at Irving Park; 6:00pm – 8:00pm): Come play some get-to-know-ya games in some parks. Guaranteed to make you giggle, laugh, and meet everyone in the group. We will not be playing “The Human Knot” but we will be playing Pedalpalooza style group games. Bring your best fun self, an easy spirit, and the desire to smile. These will be Pedalpalooza themed games, with a heavy interacting of communicating on a deeper (And fun) level.


UNICYCLE POLO @ Alberta Park Polo Court (NE 20th Ave and Killingsworth St; Look for a bunch of idiots riding one-wheeled death traps; 6:30pm – 9:00pm): Do you ride a unicycle? Would you like the chance to attack others, with a stick, while riding a unicycle? Well, this is your event!

Where? When? 6:30pm at the Alberta Park bike polo court, just about EVERY Thursday of the month.

Mallets, balls, and minor first aid are supplied by the Bastards. Bring your own unicycle – any unicycle will do. Bring your own discrete adult beverages and your own antibiotic ointment (heh, I said ointment).

We also like attention – come and watch if you can’t ride but are uni-curious.

Prepare to sweat/swear like a Bastard. Also, unicycles – not bikes.


ROCKY BUTTE SUNSET DANCE PARTY PICNIC @ Irving Park (NE 7th Ave and Fargo St, Portland; 7:00pm, we ride at 7:30, don’t be late.): Follow the tunes from Irving Park (NE 11th & Klickitat) to Rocky Butte for a potluck, sunset picnic and dance party. We’ll have a professional DJ along, dance ’til you drop on the lawn or just eat and take in the sunset. Party-goers are encouraged to bring healthy food (if that is your thing) and list your ingredients for those with food allergies and preferences.


BIKEBOT: ROBOT RIDE @ Peace Park (NE Oregon St and NE Lloyd Blvd (Meet at the giant peace sign… Peace, Love & Robots; 7:00pm, Meet at 7:00pm ride out at 7:30. We will end at Velo Cult around 9:30pm.): Bots, Bling and Beats. Join BikeBOT for our bumpin’ robot ride. This theme ride ends at Velo Cult for a bionic bike after party. Any or all of the following will grant you admission:

1. Dress like a robot. Theme out as C3PO, the terminator, Optimus Prime, Robo Cop or a strange cyborg creation of your own. All righteous robots welcome.

2. Roll out with a radio. Whether you sport backpack speakers or a tune bumpin’ trailer all music devices are appreciated. **robo-inspired beats encouraged**

3. Light up the night. Be as visible as possible by blingin’ out your bike and body.


UNICORN RIDE 3 @ Irving Park (NE 7th Ave and Fargo St, Portland; 9:00pm)
It’s the 3rd year of Portland’s premier unicorn-themed ride! Come dressed like a unicorn and ride a whimsical bike. Or dress whimsically and ride a Unicorn. That’d be rad! As always, this ride will involve unicorn games and prizes!


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Portland Bike/ Pedalpalooza Picks | Friday, June 15, 2012


HORSESHOES AND HANDGRENADES @ Peninsula Park (Horseshoe pits, NE end of park; 2:30pm): So if there’s interest, this can keep going after dark. There’s at least one location with nighttime lighted pits…

Giddyup Pardners! Did you know Portland has over 21 parks listed with horseshoe pits? We’ll go on a casual-paced ride, touring a pit in a park in each quadrant in a rolling tournament. Winner takes some type of mediocre prize. Along the way, we’ll pick up some food & refreshments. Perhaps in the form of cold little grenades.

Feel free to meet up along the way. We’ll be starting in NE, going N, then NW, SW, and ending SE.
I’ve got a set of shoes, please bring some if you have ’em, or pick up a set ’cause they’re good times.

Remember: Almost only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades.


FOOD CART LOVERS RIDE! – FOOD CARTS & FUN RIDE! @ Waterfront Park (SW Ankeny St and Naito Pkwy (Meet by the Fountain; 5:30pm – 8:30pm): PDX Food Cart Lovers presents a Food Carts & Fun Ride through the Parks and Food Carts of NW Portland.

We will be visiting the following parks – Wallace, Couch, Jamison and the North Park Blocks while visiting Food Carts for snacks and dinner.

Dress up yourself and your bike and bring games that you like to play as well as $ for your eats.


GINGER RIDE IV @ Dawson Park (N Williams and N Stanton; 7:00pm – 9:00pm)
Redheads unite! If you’re not a redhead, but are a friend of redheads, you can come in disguise (wig, dye, fake red beard, etc).


SYNESTHESIA RIDE @ West end of the Hawthorne Bridge (Meet on the south side of the Hawthorne bridge on the West riverfront; 7:00pm): Led by a visual > auditory synesthete, this ride will stop at many locations where lights, manmade and natural, produce interesting “sounds.” At each stop the host will describe the sensation, invite other participants to describe their experience, and pass out props or party favors that will add to the understanding of synesthetic experiences. Starts on the west end of the Hawthorne bridge and ends at the Hollywood MAX station.


ONESIES AND TALL T’S @ Irving Park (NE 7th Ave and Fargo St, Portland; 8:00pm, [email protected], Ride @ 9): What apparel is emblematic of childhood sleepwear & general thuggery? Onesies & Tall Ts. Choose what you rock best: footy pajamas, jumpsuits, leotards, or just an XXXL t-shirt, & join a night of biking to bars, parks, & corners. Meet8 & ride9. A leisurely ride around much of the inner city. The possibilities are endless, drinking games, barrel races, house parties, and general big-kid debauchery, (send along your suggestions and help). We will eventually be tracking down the Dropout Prom Ride to join their party. Bring IDs, helmets, lights, cash, & good spirits! Looking for speaker bikes!!


DROPOUT BIKE CLUB PROM RIDE W/SHOW ME THE PINK @ Col. Summers Park (SE 20th and Belmont at pavilion; 9PM-3am, We ride at 10pm): Dropout Bike Club’s monthly social ride. All bikes welcome. We have a blast with the Prom theme the past 2 years with 400+ riders and this year is going to be extra special with performance by SHOW ME THE PINK!,DMLH, Super Rocks, and others. Dress up, Theme is Pretty in Pink -vs- Teen Wolf. Will have photo booth again. Over the past 7 years, Dropout BC ride has become the place to show off yer newest bicycle oddities, and ride to outdoor location for outrageous party with Tall Tour crew sound system. Pace is set by the freak bikes and under 4 miles. No beer stop.


Portland Bike/ Pedalpalooza Picks | Saturday, June 16, 2012


MONKEY PUZZLE TREE INFORMATIVE RIDE @ SE Hickory and SE Tamarack -in Ladd’s, Under the big monkey puzzle tree near the Catholic church; 11:00am – 12:30pm): A fun informational ride to visit some of South East Portland’s Monkey Puzzle trees and learn about this unique tree. This shouldn’t be a very long or difficult ride. Anyone with actual expertise on this subject or a tree they would like to show off is encouraged to contact Steve at


BLOOMSDAY LILY OF THE ALLEYCAT @ Mt Tabor park (Mt Tabor park, 12:00pm, registration @ 10am
$15. Registration 10am.): An Ulysses themed alleycat, but also set up for those who want to ride around leisurely and have a good time. Will be done in time for the 6pm Bloomsday ride. Cash and prizes. Come early for tea, eggs/tofu, toast.


SUNNY NAKED RIDE II @ Coe Circle (3900 NE Glisan St; 1:00pm – 3:30pm): Sunny Naked Ride II — because one daytime naked ride isn’t enough! We’ll ride through all 5 quadrants of Portland, wave to trains, cruise the greenways, and have a great time. Clothing optional. Bring bodypaint or other ways to express yourself


TRAM ANNIVERSARY RIDE @ Go By Bike shop (SW Moody Ave & Gibbs St at the base of the Tram; 1:00pm – 3:00pm): Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Portland Aerial Tram, this ride starts at the base of the Tram and shows off new transportation system improvements that make biking, walking and transit great choices for getting around.

Tram, streetcar, pedestrian bridge, cycletrack – we’ll see them all on this free bike tour led by Portland Bureau of Transportation staff.

No registration needed but helmets are required.


STAR WARS VS STAR TREK RIDE @ Washington High School grounds (SE Alder St and 14th Ave; Southeast corner parking lot; 3:00pm): Is it the Force? Or is it purely logical? Either way, it’s another spacey ride. Crazy, impractical costumes and bike decorations are encouraged. There will be a contest at some point on the ride, so plan accordingly. Kids are welcome early on, but we end at a bar, usually.


MUSIC FOR 111 BICYCLES @ Mt Tabor Park (SE 60th and Salmon; This will happen at the top of the bike/running path; 4:00pm): Fear No Music and Classical Revolution Pdx want you to join us for a performance of “A Breeze” for 111 Bicycles. This will be held at the top of Mt. Tabor. You can join in the music-making by riding your bike, or you can sit and listen to the music as the bikes go by. Further details are at the Fear No Music website: This is not a race, helmets are required, and it’s free for everyone.


FREAK BIKE CROSS RACE (2.5) @ Col. Summers City Park (SE 20th Ave and Belmont St; Near the Baseball Diamond)
4:00pm – 8:00pm, meet at 4pm, ride to track at 5pm): Off-road bike race / obstacle course.

ALL BICYCLISTS welcome to join the ride & view the event.
hand-built “freak bikes” only for race.
This includes Tall-bikes, Small-bikes, Choppers, Swings, Side Hacks, Socials, Tandems & Anything else that we think will give you a difficult time maneuvering through the coarse. Fruitboots, I’m talking to you.


WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE @ WNBR HQ (SE Salmon St and Water Ave; 10:00pm): Ride your bike naked with thousands of other people. Naked means “as bare as you dare.” It’s not illegal. It’s fun. Meetup point opens at 9pm for disrobing and bodypainting. Ride departs at 10pm. (Portland Naked Bike Ride Info, Pictures, Nudity Facts, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Pedalpalooza)


WNBR UNOFFICIAL AFTERPARTY! PANTS OFF DANCE OFF!! @ Vera Katz Statue (SE Eastbank Esplanade and Main St
11:59pm – 4:59am): Tall Tour Crew is going to lead the charge with our friend Dutch as MC.

Meeting at 12:30am at the vera katz statue right next to the WNBR spot, we will go to a secluded location to throw an all night raging pants off dance off!

there will likely be alot of new faces at this event, so it is up to


Portland Bike/ Pedalpalooza Picks | Suday, June 17, 2012


FOOD CART TOUR @ SW 10th and Alder Street (10:30am): Discover why Portland is the food cart capital of the U.S. with Cartopia: Portland’s Food Cart Revolution author, Kelly Rodgers. We’ll start downtown, travel north, and finish with lunch. Free ride.


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