Portland Trail Blazers @ Chicago Bulls | Game Preview, Food & Drink Specials

The game starts at 5:00 PM on Comcast Sports Network. If you do not have cable or want a good Portland establishment to enjoy with friends, here are several suggestions from our sponsors.

Watch Trail Blazers Games in Portland:

Tanker Bar (Se Hawthorne & 48th) | (503) 445-4635 | More info: tankerbar.com
Tanker Bar will be playing all games on their 6 large LCD TVs. $1 Hamms and happy hour food during all games. 15 beers on tap, Buckhunter.

Blitz (Ladd, Pearl, Tigard, NW 21) | More info: blitzbarpdx.webs.com
Blitz's FOUR locations will be happening as always with tons of televisions, drinks specials, and games (ping pong, shuffleboard, buckhunters, horseshoes in Tigard, and more).

East Burn (East Burnside & 18th) | (503) 236-2876 | More info: www.theeastburn.com
East Burn will have the game on a large projection screen on their heated patio and also downstairs. Recess discount menu from 3-6PM. They have daily drink specials (pdf of specials here).

Preview: Portland Trail Blazers @ Chicago Bulls

Portland Trailblazers (20-23) @ Chicago Bulls (36-9)
Friday, March 16th, 5:00 CSNW
Schedule: Portland Trail Blazers 2011-2012 Schedule

After many humiliating losses on the road with a team that had stopped playing for their coach, the Portland Trail Blazers decided to blow it up right before the Thursday trade deadline. They shipped off Marcus Camby to cut down on expenses this year and traded Gerald Wallace for draft picks and to cut costs next year. The Blazers will have a lot to spend this summer in free agency. This year, they plan to play a lot of the younger guys and develop them. After firing Nate McMillian, the Blazers have put in a temporary coach that will do as he is told from the front office. This is not a bad thing; there could be untapped potential exposed during the rest of the year. Make no mistake, though: the Blazers will lose A TON of games this year.

The Bulls did not make any moves before the trade deadline, but they didn’t need to, not with the best record in the NBA. The Bulls are on fire and poised to win a championship. They should have no trouble with the Blazers tonight. The only blemish in their perfect season has been that Derrick Rose, the reigning MVP, is having chronic health issues and missing a lot of games. The Bulls will win despite this, but will not be able to do so deep in the playoffs. In stark contrast to the Blazers, if the Bulls don’t make it to the NBA finals, this was a lost season for them.

The Bulls:

Starting Lineup: Ronnie Brewer, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer

Bench: Jon Lucas, Kyle Korver, Taj Gibson, Omar Osik, Brian Scalabrine, Richard Hamilton

X's and O's:

The Blazers starting lineup will look very different. They traded two of their starters, so someone new will have to fill the shooting guard spot and at center. Will it be Joel? He might be too old and not quite game ready. It might be 7’3¬Â Hasheem Thabeet. He was a second overall pick in the draft for a couple years but has been a pretty big bust. His heart and talent has not been what people thought it should be. Maybe he will find a new love of basketball in Portland because of the Blazers' awesome fans. The Blazers' goal this game won’t exactly be to win, and honestly, they don’t have a shot against the Bulls. It will be up to the new guys to play fundamentally and with a chip on their shoulder to pull off the big upset.

Advantage Blazers:

The Blazers will be playing for a new coach. They might want to go out and play super hard to get a first win for him. Other than that, the Blazers do not have any real advantage.

Last Words:.

The new look Blazers will definitely be a reason to watch this game. They probably won’t win, but they might have more fun out there and be interesting to watch.

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