Stumptown Stories Portland Christmas Special: “Oregon’s First Christmas” | Drunken Santa, FREE

Kick Ass Oregon History has a special Christmas production of Stumptown Stories Tuesday night in downtown Portland. The “Stumptown Stories” event(s) take place at Jack Lodon bar at the Rialto Lounge.

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From our sponsors at Jack London:
Kick Ass Oregon History Christmas Special: Oregon’s First Christmas
December 20, 2011 | 7:30 pm | FREE | 21+
Come early for trivia and Happy hour 5-7!

Jack London Bar
529 SW 4th Avenue
More Info: is proud to present our Kick Ass Oregon History Christmas Special: Oregon’s First Christmas. Resident Historian Doug Kenck-Crispin will wax poetic about the State’s first Christmas, and will be joined by “the voice” of the podcast, Andy Lindberg. Drunken Santa will also be in attendance. It’s like a Charlie Brown Christmas Special, but with designated drivers…

About Kick Ass Oregon History and Stumptown Stories:
What if you walked into a bar and bumped into Oregon? What would Oregon say- be wearing – even look like? You know what Oregon would be drinking, and you’re pretty sure it would be out of the bottle, not a glass. A dark bar on a rainy day, full of loggers and fishermen and burnt-out hippies, you knocked back a couple with Oregon and listened to some stories on that wet afternoon.

So if you will allow us to continue with the metaphor for a moment, let’s say the next day, you ran into a lady-friend. You told her all about your afternoon of drinking with Oregon, and the stories that were told (even though the details are a little foggy today). Your special lady is this website. She is Oregon_History.

This is going to be fun. It’s not going to be Boring History like High School, rigid and terse. This is PG-13, even rated R. We want you to put the book down, and get out and enjoy the historic sites we have in Oregon. We will provide some background, some additional details to the story, some of the less revealed, even the ribald. But you are going to make the Core of the Discovery.

Then one wet day, maybe you’ll go back to that dark bar, knock back a couple, and proudly (and loudly) proclaim, “Hey Oregon! *drinks* Have I got a story for You!”

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