2011 Portland Zombie Walk Schedule: Thriller Dance, Rules, Location & Time

The Portland Zombie Walk sent out a new email with their schedule, rules, info, and more. Even though their Kickstarter did not raise enough to be in Pioneer Square this year, it will be taking place in NE PDX.


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From Portland Zombie Walk:
Portland Zombie Walk 2011Portland Zombie Walk 2011
Sunday, October 30
Noon 4 p.m. | FREE | All Ages
Hollywood Vintage, 2757 NE Pacific Street | Facebook event

By attending the Portland Zombie Walk you are participating or spectating at your own risk. Precautions have been taken to lower that risk however the Portland Zombie Walk and all of it’s co-organizations are not in any way responsible for any bodily harm or death should that fate befall to you or anyone you have brought along. It is your responsibility to pass this on to your friends and family.

Protect one another by respectfully and peacefully policing ourselves. Should you see a zombie putting their blood and guts, or make up on people who don’t want to be dressed up or on businesses and residents including and around our meet location and route.

With that said, yes, everyone is welcome to come dressed as a zombie and walk with us. Or don’t come as a zombie and just take photos or video!

Volunteers clean up after the mess. Less means a whole lot more to our volunteers. A little bit of blood goes a long way. Please don’t come looking as if you took a blood bath. We are meeting in the back lot of the largest vintage shop in Portland, please be considerate of your costume and your surroundings.

If you would like to be involved with the Portland Zombie Walk we need volunteers for clean up and to keep the peace, safety and common sense of the horde. You do not need to sign up to do this. You just come and be a mindful and considerate citizen in human or zombie form and we will appreciate you the same.


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If you want to step up from that level of volunteerism bring along a spray bottle of water and a rag to go over the route to clean up any mess left along the walking route or at the Hollywood Vintage back lot.

If you have any security questions or want to know how be more involved than that please contact Niall of Niall’s Zombie Control Service.

We need a donation of equipment time and transport for the music for the encore of the Thrill Portland dancers Thriller. Without proper equipment the dance and over all general entertainment might be challenging to achieve.

With that said, here is the itinerary of anticipated events of the 2011 Portland Zombie Walk.

2011 Portland Zombie Walk & Thriller Dance Schedule:

Noon~ Zombies begin to arrive using the back entrance through the chain link gate. Zombies, photographers, videographers, touch up make up artists arrive for photo ops and enjoy purchasing refreshments from Voodoo Doughnuts, purchasing black ¬Å“2011 PORTLAND ZOMBIE WALK CARPE MORTEM¬Â wristband/bracelets for $5 each while supplies last, and signing in and donating to Thrill Portland Dancers and donations to SYMRC. ect.

1:00PM~ Thrill Portland Thriller Encore
(Please provide as much space for the entertainment as possible as space will be limited.)

1:30~ Begin walk and leave music on at a low level for entertainment for the zombies and participants who do no walk to walk and would rather enjoy entertainment on site at Hollywood Vintage.

3:00~ Special performance
(Please provide as much space for the entertainment as possible as space will be limited.)

3:30~ Group Photo from the roof top, Voodoo Doughnut, Niall’s Zombie Control Service and Volunteers begin packing up to clean up

4:00~ Niall’s Zombie Control Service and Volunteers begin to usher out guests and lock the gates. Leave Hollywood Vintage and go to the Roxy for an edible bite to eat!

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