Portland Zombie Walk & Thrill The World Info: Pictures, Kickstarter Project, Prizes, Zombie Makeover

Portland Zombie Walk
Pioneer Courthouse Square
Photo by thelonellama

The Portland Halloween event season is nearing and that means a Portland Zombie Walk & Thrill The World Dance are right around the corner. This year however, they are trying to raise money to make it a legit event (insurance and permits) in Pioneer Square through a kickstarter project. They are offering several prizes including Zombie Walk rubber ducky, T-shirts, and a Zombie Makeover!


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2011 Portland Zombie Walk Info: Kickstarter Project & Prizes:

From Email:
It is the final count down! Ten days until our kickstarter project for the permits and insurance ends. If we do not meet our goal the zombie walk will not meet on Pioneer Court House Square  nor will the Thrill the World Portland dancers perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This kickstarter is to raise the funds to cover insurance and permits that the city requires of us as we are now an event of this size. Also all preivious years, all previous organizers were lucky that the Zombie Walk didn’t intrude on the square when another organization had paid for it.

Please check out this link and share it with your friends: kickstarter.com/portland-zombie-walk



Portland Zombie Walk Prizes (More prizes at Kickstarter Link):

PLEDGE $5 OR MORE: An official 2011 Portland Zombie Walk wristband. A fashionable accessory that you can wear, assuming you still have an attached hand, and all other less benevolent zombies will moan at. Plus … A slightly larger font in the credits of the 2011 Portland Zombie Walk Disk

PLEDGE $10 OR MORE: A custom 2011 Portland Zombie Walk rubber ducky. Why don’t zombies take baths? Because they don’t have a ducky! Don’t find yourself without yours. Plus … the wristband and an even large font in the credits of the Portland Zombie Walk Disk

PLEDGE $100 OR MORE: Now the biggies of limited rewards. You get the wonderful items and the the option to enter a single person into the 2011 Portland Zombie Walk Makeover! You have never felt so dead as you will after Christine Stimac applies her life draining magic on you. Every ghoul will turn and moan when you shuffle by. (and all the other goodies, including special mention and appearance in the 2011 Portland Zombie Walk Disk)


From Facebook:
We are group of people getting together dressed as Zombies to roam around Portland in a predetermined route to perform Street Theater and zombie antics. Sans weapons, respectfully including zombie “hunters”. Portland Zombie Walk is an annual event in October that started out as a flash mob years ago and usually complimented by Portland Thrill The World volunteer dancers.

Our zombie community has expanded over the years with an observation of around 3,000 zombies during the 2010 Portland Zombie Walk. Portland Zombie Walk has also had walks during “May of the dead” complimentary to PDX Zombie Prom.

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5 Responses to Portland Zombie Walk & Thrill The World Info: Pictures, Kickstarter Project, Prizes, Zombie Makeover

  1. Nina October 5, 2011 at 12:29 am #

    This is ridiculous! To charge people?? Have you lost your minds? I feel as though I’m living in a Country where you can’t even show your face without being punished.This is a fun thing and has been for years. I don’t even dress up for it. I come to see the people dressed like that. If I have to pay, there will be no way I will be there. No fun. This country is just plain turning into something for price. All the way around. Disgusting. Controlling.

  2. Tomas October 10, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    I have no problem supporting this, a measly $5-$10 donation is nothing compared to the entertainment. Nina, you’ll probably pay more for that on the coffee you get on the way down there. Come out, drop a small donation and support your fellow PDX’ers!

    I’ll be there, and if you like, I’ll make a donation for you, so that you can still make it!

  3. Grace October 29, 2011 at 7:21 am #

    You guys don’t HAVE to pay!! They couldn’t make you anyways as the group wanders all through downtown Portland (well not ALL through, but still – public place.) It’s just that those are the prizes you get FOR making a pledge/donation.

  4. isabella January 28, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    omg i love it!

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