Portland & Oregon Labor Day Weekend Tips | In & Outside Of PDX

By Geoff Kleinman

As the summer winds down in Portland there’s always a rush to grab as much of the good weather as possible.

Labor Day weekend is pretty much the last gasp of the seasons and it’s a perfect time to enjoy one of the many great summertime activities and attractions the city has to offer.


UPDATES: Our Portland & Oregon Labor Day Weekend Events Calendar


Labor Day Weekend Events and Attractions In and Near Portland:

Distillery Row – Portland has long been mecca for microbrews but it’s quickly becoming the epicenter of a new wave of small artisan distilleries. Check out New Deal for great Gin and Vodka, Hose Spirits Distillery for White Dog Whiskey, Decco Distilling for Rum.

Be sure to seek out the easy to miss Stone Barn Brandyworks for spirits that will literally may you say WOW (including their Strawberry Liqueur). Pick up a Distillery Row passport for savings at Row businesses and restaurants.

Green Castle Food Court – Portland has a bazillion food cart pods, but this little on on NE Everett St is often overlooked. Home of Cackalack’s Hot Chicken Shack, the best fried chicken in Portland and  Viking Soul Food with their crave-worthy LEFSE flat bread this food cart pod is worth seeking out! 1930 NE Everett St.

Sky High Just a few blocks down the road from Washington Square this trampoline-alooza is as much crazy fun as you can have sober. Bounce, flip and jump in a complex bigger than a football field. Be sure to dress like you’re going to the gym, as bouncing at Sky High isn’t only fun it’s the best workout you’ll get all week. Website: jumpskyhigh.com

Chinese Teahouse

Portland Classical Chinese Gardens this urban oasis is not just for tourists and many Portlanders miss out on one of the most authentic and serene Classical Chinese Gardens in the US. Hit it in the morning and beat the crowds or sip tea at the end of a long day in the tea house and watch the world go by. Website: portlandchinesegarden.org

Portland Tub and Tan Get your summer fling in under the wire with Portland Tub and Tan’s outdoor private hot tubs. Turn up the tunes, flick on the outdoor fireplace and enjoy one of Portland’s last hot nights.

U-Pick It – Sauvie Island is a quick trip up Highway 30 and there are a plethora of options to pick your own peaches, corn, blackberries and more. We recommend Krogers and Sauvie Island Farms, but there are a ton of great places to pick at.

DIY BBQ – Portland has two amazing places to grab some meat and have a BBQ. Gartner’s Country Meat Market on NE Killingsworth & 75th has more meat choices than anyone else in town (they also have some of the best). Grab a couple pounds of marinated short ribs for the easiest and tastiest BBQing you’ll ever do. Closer to town is Sheridan Fruit Company (on MLK and Oak) with one of the best and craziest selection of sausages you’ll ever find. Bacon Cheese Frankfurter Sausage?! YES PLEASE. Either place you go, be sure to drop by Upright for a growler of Portland best beer or stop into Belmont Station for the city’s best beer selection.

2011 Oregon State Fair Poster

Labor Day Weekend Events Outside of Portland

Oregon State Fair (Pictures from Oregon State Fair here) – Salem is only an hour drive away and the State Fair is a cornucopia of activities, food, rides and fun. At $11 per person you get some serious bang for you buck. Website: oregonstatefair.org

Whitewater Rafting on the Deschutes – Maupin is only 2 hours away and an all day, Deschutes river white water rafting trip is well within reach. You can shred your way through class 3 rapids and be home in time for dinner.

Oregon Coast Another option that you can easily hit by car. Get up at the crack of dawn for some Deep Sea Fishing or sleep in and boat on a river before a bonfire on the beach with beer and friends. From OnPDX: Portland Getaway Lincoln City and The Oregon Coast

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Geoff Kleinman writes locally about Portland at OnPDX.com and Nationally as a drinks writer on DrinkSpirits.com and in Tasting Panel Magazine, Shake Stir and Black Book Magazine.

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