First Thursday Secret Pop-Up Art Show For Portland iPhone Users: “Party-Arty”

Portland’s September First Thursday event is right around the corner and this month brings an unusual party catered to iphone users (or text marketing). Not sure if it will be a great show or not, but there are plenty of good artists and the iPhone-flash-mob marketing of it should draw a large crowd as well.

On Twitter? We will be using the @firstthursday account to relay information about the event as always. Also use the #lastthursday hashtag to talk about the event and we retweet many of those.

Update (September 1): Received text that the party will be at corner of NW Johnson & Lovejoy between 6-8:30PM tonight. If you have an smart phone, you can “participate” with the Scanlife app here.


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From press release:
Secret First Thursday Pop-Up Art Gallery | PortlandParty-Arty: Secret Pop-Up Art Gallery
First Thursday, Portland , Oregon

Time/Location: scan the QR code or simply text ¬Å“dabball¬Â to 503.991.4474 and then wait for the secret time and location to be texted back to them

There's a first-of-its-kind art gallery popping up in Portland for two hours this Thursday but if you want to know where and what time it is exactly, you'll need to sign up to receive a super secret text message. Oh, and if you want to actually see the art from 43 internationally renowned artists, you'll need to bring an iPhone and a QR code reader app.

This First Thursday, art, design, and technology lovers come together for a one-time special event that is part flash mob, part pop-up store, and 100% Portland.

Last week, postcards with the slogan ¬Å“Party Arty¬Â began circulating around town inviting iPhone users to scan the QR code or simply text ¬Å“dabball¬Â to 503.991.4474 and then wait for the secret time and location to be texted back to them.

Once the word is unleashed, First Thursday attendees can take their iPhones with the installed ScanLife QR code reader app to the pop-up gallery's location to view amazing new works from 43 internationally renowned artists, including Portland's own Brooke Weeber, Ryan Berkley, GUYBURWELL, Cole Gerst, HUTCH, Santiago Uceda, and Will Bryant, as well as Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices), David Yow (The Jesus Lizard), Alyson Fox, Andrew Neuhues, AustinVonNEW, Beautiful/Decay, bee things, Blake E. Marquis, Bomboland, Brainstorm, Catherine Ryan, Christopher Bettig, add fuel to the fire, Eleanor, Erik Otto Studios, Esther Pearl Watson , Hannah Stouffer, Jacob Escobedo, Jonathan Calugi, Kiino Villand, Linda Kim, Matt LaFleur, Michael C. Hsiung, Nate Duval, Patrick Haemmerlein, Paul D. Scott, R. Caldwell, R. LAND, , Ryan Riss, Sandra  Dieckmann, Sarajo Frieden, Steph Says Hello, Sven Palmowski, the Bungaloo,THOMAS RAIMONDI, and Wilmer Murillo.

Wondering what to do if you own an Android phone instead of an iPhone? You might consider trading it in because this Party Arty was designed to be experienced on iPhones. And this event is one you don't want to miss.

About Party Arty
Party Arty is a one-time legal event by ecopop, Option-G, LynkSnap Mobile Marketing, eyemagine, and ScanLife.

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2 Responses to First Thursday Secret Pop-Up Art Show For Portland iPhone Users: “Party-Arty”

  1. penguin September 1, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    I think it is ridiculous to exclude art fans/lovers and artists without iPhones.

  2. Justin September 2, 2011 at 8:14 am #

    Thank God, I’m tired of seeing poor people while I’m trying to enjoy a nice watercolor.

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