Portland Trek In The Park Is Back: Schedule, Pictures, Video, & Info

(Star) Trek In The Park, Woodlawn Park, Portland, Oregon
Trek In The Park
Woodlawn Park | Portland, Oregon
Taken by Erin Connolly

Portland’s wildly popular Trek in the Park series is back! The show will run every weekend throughout the month and this year’s episode is “Mirror, Mirror: Has the whole galaxy gone crazy?!


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From Press Release:
Trek in the Park presents Mirror, Mirror: Has the whole galaxy gone crazy?!
Woodlawn Park (Corner of Claremont and Oneonta in NE Portland)
When: July 9+10, 16+17, 23+24, and 30+31, 2011, Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm

Just two years ago, Atomic Arts turned the concept of outdoor theater on its ear and gained an almost immediate cult following when it brought ¬Å“Amok Time¬Â a classic episode from Star Trek: The Original Series to packed audiences in North Portland’s Woodlawn Park.

This July, the crew will bring to life one of the series’ most iconic episodes, ¬Å“Mirror, Mirror,¬Â where a transporter malfunction thrusts Kirk, Uhura, Scotty and McCoy into a parallel universe where the peacekeeping Federation is replaced by a ruthless, evil Empire, Captain Kirk is a tyrant and Spock dons a sinister beard. If the crowd’s reaction to the teaser performed at the end of last season’s show, the fans couldn’t be more excited; and for that matter, neither could Atomic Arts. Says Artistic Director Adam Rosko, ¬Å“[This is] my all time favorite episode. It’s got a great story, interesting variations on the characters, a powerful message, and all the while maintains a sense of humor!¬Â

Fans of last season’s episode, ¬Å“Space Seed¬Â will find the same balance of loving homage and theatrical creativity in Mirror, Mirror, but they will also find one notable difference, as this year’s show will be staged in the round, so audience members from all sides will get to see the phaser hits, mind melds, and Vulcan neck pinches.

Khan in the Park
Trek In The Park
Video by Napalmdog

Description: The fantastic preview for Star Trek in the Park’s next episode “Space Seed” Khan Noonian Singh!! :)

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  1. Nancy Lingmann June 10, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Is there a Star Trek show at the park coming up in 2012? Please send or post more information!

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