Portland Last Thursday Info: Street Closures, Parking, Vendors, Noise, Bathrooms, Etc

Last Thursday
Alberta Street
Portland, Oregon
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Portland’s Last Thursday returns tomorrow evening and as we reported last month, there is a new organization working with the city and businesses on Alberta to organize the event. They are the “Friends of Last Thursday” and have sent us tips and info for tomorrow’s event.

On Twitter? We will be using the @lastthursday account to relay information about the event as always. Also use the #lastthursday hashtag to talk about the event and we retweet many of those.

Info and Tips (from Friends of Last Thursday):

  • Street Closure: Alberta street is closed for Last Thursday.
  • Parking: Parked on Alberta Street? Cars need to get off the street by 5pm.
  • Trimet: Bus reroutes are in effect from 6-11pm on Alberta. Catch the bus at stops on Killingsworth instead.
  • Vendors: please keep 9′ distance from dotted yellow line, and wait til 6pm to set up in the street. Parking lanes ok after 5!
  • Food vendors: Applications are available at FoLT booth, between 19th and 20th
  • Info Booth: The info booth is located between 19th and 20th. Come visit us and find out how to get involved! #lastthursday
  • Noise & Boomboxes: Be respectful with that boombox! Sound during Last Thursday should not carry more than half a block. A noise ticket could cost you $500.
  • Bathrooms: Potties are located at SE corners of 29th, 26th, 24th, 22nd, 20th & 17th and Alberta.
  • Trash: Last Thursday is a leave no trace event. Pick up after yourself. Trash stations are located at every intersection
  • Support: Consider donating to Friends of Last Thursday. They have a booth between 19th n 20th. Thanks!
  • Ambassadors: Last Thursday Ambassadors are located every two blocks. Got questions? Look for the orange-feathered hats and make sure to say hi!
  • Open Containers: No open containers at Last Thursday.
  • Fire: Fire spinners need permits. Applications are available at FoLT booth, between 19th and 20th.
  • Closing Time: Alberta’s Last Thursday ends at 10pm.

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  1. pdxpipeline February 13, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    You should contact them here: http://www.lastthursdayonalberta.com/contact

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