Wednesday: Mel Blanc Day @ Portland State University | FREE, Guest Speakers, Films

Portland State University honors local radio show host Mel Blanc with an evening of educational lectures and films on the late radio personality. All events are free to attend.

From Portland State’s website:
Mel Blanc DayMel Blanc Day
Wednesday, June 29
7:30 p.m. | FREE | All Ages

Lincoln Hall on PSU Campus
1620 SW Park Avenue

“Today Is Yesterday & Tomorrow Is Today” was the motto for the KGWs “Honorable Order of Hoot Owls Roosting In The Oregonian Tower”, the radio show which gave Mel Blanc his first paid employment as a voice artist.

The Hoot Owls was a weekly hour and a half long show with more than one million listeners. It had been broadcasting for four years when Mel Blanc joined the cast in 1927. He moved to KEX, a KGW affiliate in 1933 to write, produce and star in his own hour long daily (Monday through Saturday) show, “Cobweb & Nuts”. After two years of this exhausting schedule, he moved to Hollywood, well prepared for everything he found there.

Guest Speaker: Portland early radio historian Craig Adams will talk about Portlands “early adopters”, who created radio stations here when radio was a brand new technology/artform. Hell talk about the radio Mel Blanc grew up with, and later came to help create. We hope Robyn Tenenbaum, producer of Live Wire radio show, will be able to provide an updated perspective of Portland radio.

Films: Dennis will show a WWII Army/Navy Screen Magazine, one of a series of music and comedy shorts made for soldiers. This one features Mel Blanc making a rare live performance as a voice artist. A very rare film! Also features Lucille Ball and Jerry Colonna. Dennis will also show I Wanna Singa (1936), a Warner Brothers cartoon spoofing The Jazz Singer which stars a young Owl Jolson making his radio debut.

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